Outdoor water sampling station

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Outdoor water sampling stationContent Dam Ww Print Articles 2016 03 1603wwprd P13 Photo

Complete with a weather-tight sealing closure and both wind and rain guards, the new EZ-01F outdoor sampling stations from American-MC Inc. provide a more pristine testing environment for evaluating water quality. Between sampling intervals and during the sampling process, the proprietary and patent-pending three-position, self-sealing lid works in concert with the EZ-01F’s wind guards to produce the best possible sample. When the lid is closed between sampling intervals, the marine-application, stainless-steel, spring-loaded aluminum lid seals flush to protect the sampling station against weather, infestations and other contaminants from entering the testing chamber. The EZ-01F comes complete with both a 1” flushing valve with a 1” port and a 1/4” sampling valve with a 1/4” port. Meeting or exceeding all NSF 61 standards, the EZ-01F’s heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum station body has a 10-year guarantee.

American-MC Inc.


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