Major stormwater product manufacturers announce strategic alliance

A new long-term agreement was signed between stormwater product manufactuers Foley Products Company and CrystalStream Technologies.

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, June 26, 2013 -- A new long-term agreement was recently signed between stormwater product manufactuers, Foley Products Company and CrystalStream Technologies, to benefit both businesses. Foley Products will be an exclusive distributor of the Crystalstream product line throughout several southeast states.

"This move fits right in with our long stated philosophy -- to supply the best products, at reasonable prices, with the best service in our industry -- and CrystalStream is a proven leader in their field," said Frank Foley, president and CEO of Foley Products.

John Moll, CEO for CrystalStream Technologies said, "I see this as an opportunity to consolidate our sales efforts in our strongest markets, and to open new markets with a pre-cast partner that offers superior products and impeccable service. This is an aggressive effort by both companies to foster new growth in a challenging economy."

About Foley Products

Foley Products is one of the leading precast manufacturers in the Southeast offering a variety of precast products for stormwater management, from concrete pipe to large box culverts, the FoleyArch™, and utility vaults. For more information, please visit

About CrystalStream Technologies

CrystalStream Technologies is one of the leading providers of manufactured stormwater treatment products in the industry for more than 13 years. This all comes on the heels of CrystalStream receiving their third confirmation of over 80 percent TSS removal and over 40 percent phosphorus removal via an independent, third party field study, and Foley Products Company continuing to expand with new facilities in new territories. For more information, please visit


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