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With its rugged NSF-approved epoxy liner that also provides electrical insulating properties, the Ultra Mag® flowmeter from McCrometer combines flow measurement accuracy in liquids, slurries and sludge with low maintenance and long-life.

Th 192006


Th 192006
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With its rugged NSF-approved epoxy liner that also provides electrical insulating properties, the Ultra Mag® flowmeter from McCrometer combines flow measurement accuracy in liquids, slurries and sludge with low maintenance and long-life. Its fusion-bonded UltraLiner™ technology offers added abrasion and corrosion resistance to give users an accurate, reliable and durable instrument. It’s ideal for installation in hard-to-reach areas and applications requiring minimal maintenance in tough environments. McCrometer, Hemet, CA, 800-220-2279,


Th 192007
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Cirronet™ has added store-and-forward capability to its WIT910 and WIT2450 OEM modules and HopNet HN-291 and HN-250 standalone modems. This new capability eliminates the need for expensive repeaters when transmitting around barriers, with the added benefits of expanding network reach and increasing the number of nodes that can communicate with a single base station. Cirronet Inc., Duluth, GA, 678-684-2000,

Wireless monitoring

Th 192008
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GE Industrial, Sensing, offers GearTrak™, a wireless equipment health monitoring system. The stand-alone package is designed to simplify the task of monitoring temperature and other measurement parameters. Typical applications include monitoring pump temperatures and water level or flow. The system consists of three components: a wireless sensor module that sends measurement data over the 300MHz ISM radio frequency band to a repeater; a repeater that relays the sensor data to the base station using the 900MHz ISM frequency; and software that enables the user to view, trend, and alarm the measurements for proactive control. GE Industrial, Sensing, Billerica, MA, 732-650-2210,

Utility locator

Th 192009
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Schonstedt recently announced a new entry in its line of underground utility locators, the XTpc. The lightweight, portable locator has a pistol-gripped receiver that weighs 2.5 pounds and is “holsterable” - it’s easy to carry on the provided tool belt but extends to a full 26” when in use. The transmitter is about the size of a large candy bar and can be carried in a shirt pocket. Receiver batteries last as long as 18 hours when used intermittently and the rechargeable (NiMH) transmitter operates for eight continuous hours on one charge. Schonstedt Instrument Co.,Kearneysville, WV, 800-999-8280,

Stormwater screening

Th 192012
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The Enviropod™ catch basin insert is a low-cost stormwater treatment solution. It removes a significant portion of trash, debris and other pollutants from water entering the storm drain, and is installed in catch basins and curb inlets. Using passive screening, the system can be customized to meet site-specific requirements with several available mesh screens and oil-absorbent media. It is effective as a pretreatment device for use in conjunction with other stormwater treatment systems such as hydrodynamic devices, filtration systems, ponds, swales and wetlands.

Stormwater360™, Portland, OR, 800-548-4667,

Coating systems

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings group offers Dura-Plate® 235 NSF Multi-Purpose Epoxy and Dura-Plate® UHS NSF Primer as part of its ControlTechTM line of low-VOC, high performance coating systems for tank linings, secondary containment, and corrosion control. Both coatings are approved to ANSI-NSF Standard 61 for potable water on tanks of 1,000 gallons and larger and 36-in. and greater pipe diameters. Engineered for use on concrete or steel tanks, floors, drains, clarifiers, sumps and slabs, The Multi-Purpose Epoxy is a low-odor, VOC-compliant coating recommended for immersion service in fresh, salt, and potable water.

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings,
Cleveland, OH, 800-524-5979,

Sample containers

Th 192011
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Isco ProPak® sample containers are now available for 2-gallon composite sampling as well as 1-liter sequential samples. ProPak is a patented system for collecting and handling wastewater samples in single-use sample bags contained in durable, reusable holders. The system is more cost-effective than conventional sample bottles, and does not require any changes to current sampling practices. The bags are easy to use - simply install a bottle liner into the polyethylene holder, and place it in the sample base. Teledyne ISCO, Lincoln, NE, 402-464-0231,,


Th 192013
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Serpentix Conveyor’s new all stainless steel TransPorter conveyors are perfect for hauling sludge, grit, and screened material in small wastewater treatment plants. A ¾-HP drive and a tension station are combined with standard curved track and straight track sections and supports to achieve over 20 utilitarian conveyor layouts up to 50 feet in length. Incline angles of 45 degrees are typical. Simple to install, the system can be delivered to your plant in 30 days. The company also offers Telescoping conveyors.

Serpentix Conveyor Corp., Westminster, CO, 303-430-8427,,

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