BioAir expands, completes projects at wastewater treatment plants in California

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BioAir's project in Coachella, Calif., features three EcoFilter® EF82 units, deisgned to control odor from a headwords facility. Courtesy: BioAir.

VOORHEES, NJ, June 27, 2016 -- BioAir Solutions, a global provider of biological solutions and technology for removing odor and air emissions from wastewater treatment plants and sewerage pumping stations -- has expanded its presence in California with the completion of several new municipal projects.

In the high desert area around Palm Springs and Riverside County in Southern California, BioAir Solutions completed a multi-site project in the community of Coachella. Previously a rural and agricultural community, Coachella has become one of California's fastest growing cities in the last few decades, and home to a major music festival every year. Supporting this growth and the need for municipal wastewater treatment facilities, BioAir recently completed two separate projects in Coachella each featuring three EcoFilter® EF82 units. These biological odor control systems, operational since 2015, are treating an airstream of 6,000 cfm each, and were designed by BioAir Solutions to handle an average of 50 ppm and a peak of 400 ppm of hydrogen sulfide and other organic odors from the headworks facility, providing a sustainable, odor-free environment for residents and visitors alike.

Another recently completed BioAir project is located in the Napa Valley north of San Francisco. Known today for its vineyards, wineries and tourism, Napa has a long history as a center for gold and silver mining, agriculture and light industry including leather tanning along the Napa River. The recent population surge to support the growing tourism industry -- which includes new hotels and restaurants -- has required updated, modern wastewater treatment facilities. BioAir recently installed an EcoFilter® EF104 unit to handle odors emitting from the influent pumping station serving the community.

The EcoFilter line of biotrickling filters from BioAir provide unmatched, cost-effective odor control performance. Capable of removing more than 99.9 percent of hydrogen sulfide and more than 95 percent of total odors from collection system and wastewater treatment plant airstreams, BioAir’s EcoFilter units have a smaller footprint than any other system. The EcoFilter system utilizes BioAir's breakthrough proprietary EcoBase® structured synthetic media which provides state-of-the-art performance with superior process control, eliminating H2S and VOCs using absolutely no hazardous chemicals while delivering reliable, consistent, long-term performance with very low operating costs.

According to Louis le Roux, president of BioAir Solutions, California has been a growth target market for the company, which has seen wide domestic acceptance of its technology in places such as Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The company president added the recent addition of a sales manager based on the West Coast has enabled the company to focus resources on meeting the needs of municipal and industrial customers in California, Arizona and other western states.

Other projects on which the company is working in California include El Dorado, Long Beach, Porterville and San Francisco. BioAir recently completed a pilot study with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to aid in the selection of future odor control systems and provide more scientific data for further research and solutions.

BioAir Solutions' scientists and engineers develop new technologies and solutions to make biological odor and air emissions control more efficient, reliable and cost-effective for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. For more information, visit

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