Orange County Water District's Dunivin recognized for water reclamation efforts

William (Bill) Dunivin, Director of Water Production for Orange County Water District (OCWD), has received the 2012 Recycled Water Staff Person of the Year Award from the WateReuse Association, California Section...

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William (Bill) Dunivin, Director of Water Production for Orange County Water District (OCWD)

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA, Mar. 27, 2012 -- William (Bill) Dunivin, Director of Water Production for Orange County Water District (OCWD), has received the 2012 Recycled Water Staff Person of the Year Award from the WateReuse Association, California Section. The state section's mission is to promote responsible stewardship of California's water resources by maximizing the safe, practical and beneficial use of recycled water and by supporting the efforts of the national WateReuse Association.

Employed at OCWD for more than 37 years, Dunivin received the award for his significant contribution to and advancement of the field of water reclamation. For almost four decades of public service, Dunivin has had direct involvement and oversight in the planning, operation and maintenance of the District's world renowned recycling facilities that include Water Factory 21 (WF-21), which operated from 1975-2004, and the Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS).

"This award is particularly satisfying because it recognizes the tremendous dedication of a valued leader on our staff," said Claudia C. Alvarez, Esq., President of OCWD. "His dedication and hard work is an inspiration to me and the other members of our Board."

Dunivin is passionate about water reuse and public service. He has a reputation for solving difficult technical issues while fostering an environment of collaboration. As a strong proponent of applied research of new technologies for water reclamation and the publishing of these results to help benefit the industry, Dunivin was recognized in 1996 with the Santa Ana River Basin Section (SARBS) award for research achievement, and in 1992 with the National Water Supply Improvement Association (NWSIA) Robert O. Vernon Award in recognition of his contribution to water supply improvement. His efforts have also led membrane manufacturers to improve product efficiency.

Dunivin has held the position of Director of Water Production for 22 years where he oversees 60 employees and is responsible for a $25 million annual maintenance and operating budget for the 70 million gallon per day (MGD) GWRS, 7.5 MGD Green Acres Project Treatment Plant, Seawater Barrier Injection Well System, and a 40-mile piping distribution system.

OCWD General Manager Mike Markus commented, "I've had the pleasure of working alongside Bill for more than 23 years; he is a tremendous asset to our team. It's especially gratifying to see his contributions recognized by the water industry and our peers."

Dunivin and the OCWD continue to break ground literally and figuratively as the world's largest water recycling facility of its kind is about to get bigger. OCWD broke ground in January on the 30 MGD GWRS Initial Expansion. The $142.7 million project will create an additional 31,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of new water supplies to serve northern and central Orange County bringing the total production of the GWRS to 103,000 AFY, enough water for 850,000 people. Construction is estimated to be completed in September 2014.

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About the Orange County Water District
Orange County Water District (OCWD) manages the large groundwater basin that underlies northern and central Orange County that provides most of the water for about 2.4 million citizens. OCWD is committed to enhancing Orange County's groundwater quality and reliability in an environmentally friendly manner. With more than 78 years of prudent planning and careful investment, OCWD has doubled the sustainable yield of the groundwater basin. OCWD is a special district established by the California State Legislature in 1933 and governed by a 10-member board of directors. Separate from the County of Orange, OCWD supplies water to residents in the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Newport Beach, Orange, Placentia, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster and Yorba Linda. Go to for information.

About the Groundwater Replenishment System
The GWRS, a joint project of the Orange County Water District (OCWD) and Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD), takes highly treated wastewater and purifies it through a three-step process that includes microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light with hydrogen peroxide, resulting in near-distilled quality water. It is the world's largest advanced water purification facility of its kind, currently producing up to 70 million gallons of new water every day. The GWRS enhances existing water supplies by providing a reliable, high-quality source of water to recharge Orange County's groundwater basin and protect it from further degradation due to seawater intrusion. The GWRS has also provided peak wastewater disposal flow relief and indefinitely postponed the need for OCSD to construct a new ocean outfall by recycling wastewater flows that would otherwise be discharged to the Pacific Ocean.


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