Mitsubishi Electric Power Products introduces packaged ozone water treatment system

• Cost-efficient, packaged ozone systems are ideal for small communities and industrial applications

WARRENDALE, PA, Aug. 5, 2009 -- Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc., a full-service producer of ozone water treatment systems, has introduced the first packaged ozone treatment system for small municipalities and industrial applications.

Capable of producing up to 50 ppd (pounds per day) of ozone, these self-contained turn-key systems are pre-engineered and can be delivered quickly and at a fraction of the cost of custom designed systems.

"We developed our packaged ozone systems in response to the growing need for municipalities and industries to treat drinking water and wastewater as regulations grow more stringent," said Robert Kim, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products' Ozone Systems Division. "For many smaller cities, rural areas and industrial operations, a custom designed ozone treatment system that can cost millions of dollars is out of the question. Our new low-cost units have a small footprint, are fully portable and can be designed to blend in with their surroundings."

As quality water sources continue to decline due to drought, pollution, population growth and other causes, ozone has become an increasingly popular choice for treating drinking water and wastewater. Ozone is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free way to disinfect, remove color, control odor, and remove compounds of emerging concern (CECs).

Mitsubishi Electric has supplied ozone systems for a variety of applications in Japan, including wastewater, since 1968 and has provided ozone systems for drinking water plants in the US since 2004. It manufactures ozone generators, provides other required ozone system components, and performs ozone system design. Mitsubishi Electric Power Products in Pennsylvania produces ozone systems and provides service through maintenance contracts to the North American market. To help assure reliable and efficient production and delivery of ozone, its generators feature patented technology designed to maximize continuity of operation.

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