Parkson program stimulates interactive exchange of knowledge, know-how, ideas

FORT LAUDERDALE FL, Oct. 27, 2009 -- In September, Parkson launched its Excellent Leadership in Technology and Engineering (E.L.I.T.E.) program...

FORT LAUDERDALE FL, Oct. 27, 2009 -- In September, Parkson launched its Excellent Leadership in Technology and Engineering (E.L.I.T.E.) program. According to ELITE's founder, Madhavi Batchu, Industrial Applications Engineering Manager, "The purpose of ELITE is to hold informal discussions and presentations in regularly scheduled sessions that are conducive to the exchange of ideas, specialized knowledge and application experiences." Parkson will hold 12 brainstorming sessions in 2009 and over 30 sessions in 2010 as it ramps up to a consistent on-going schedule.

These seminars are held the first 3 weeks of every month and cover a diverse array of topics such as: Lamella® Gravity Settler Material Selection for High Chloride Applications; Conservative and Optimistic Applications Sizing; Competitive Analysis; Rotoshear® Internally Fed Rotary Wedgewire Screen Value Engineering and Customer Onsite Modifications; as well as Contracts and Application Engineering; to highlight a few.

The first session on "Material Selection for High Chloride Applications" led to an interesting discussion based on a customer example related to the challenges of high corrosive applications. This analysis resulted in solutions that immediately assisted the existing customer make a cost effective decision. Additionally, it is an example of how Parkson is sharing the process knowledge in a real-time environment that has current and long-term value.

"Parkson's knowledge and experience not only comforts the client, but builds a trusting bond that results in excellent references for our quality product and service," says Steve Paternel, Applications Engineer for the Industrial Segment.

"We all have experiences on a daily basis that add to our process knowledge and technical expertise; I think it is important that we share this gained information with one another as quickly as possible," commented Russ Cook, Parkson's Director of Process Engineering. "This type of interchange is helpful to us individually as well as to our customers, who are facing new and changing challenges each and every day."

As an organization, Parkson has thousands of years of wastewater industry experience; yet, there are always so many new things to learn and the ELITE program is just one of the ways for Parkson colleagues to share in a focused, cross-discipline, free-wheeling discussion.

The goals of ELITE include:

  • serve Parkson customers better
  • build a multifaceted workforce
  • gain flexibility
  • improve coordination

"Parkson is a knowledge-based company and is committed to building its expertise in Water and Wastewater treatment worldwide. As we expand our footprint, the ELITE seminars will enable the Parkson team to capture and disseminate these experiences in a systematic and methodical manner," explains Zain Mahmood, President and CEO of Parkson Corporation.

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