Eimco to supply mixers for wastewater treatment plant in Romania

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, July 14, 2009 -- Eimco Water Technologies has won a contract for its Linear Motion mixers at the Glina WWTP, Bucharest, Romania...

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, July 14, 2009 -- Eimco Water Technologies (EWT) is pleased to announce the award of a contract for its Linear Motion (LM™) mixers covering five (5) LM20 type mixers to be installed in five (5) existing Egg Shaped Digesters 8,000 m³ located at the Glina WWTP, Bucharest, Romania.

The plant will have an initial capacity of two million population equivalent and will treat approximately 1,571,000 m³/d of wastewater and it's slated to be operational in 2011. This LM Mixer technology is very attractive due to its energy saving features, its ease of maintenance and the simplicity for installation which will allow Aktor-Athena, the contractor for the Glina WWTP to deploy these units in a fraction of the time versus alternate mixing systems.

Eimco Water Technologies is the exclusive licensee of this worldwide patented technology owned by Enersave Fluid Mixers™ for the municipal sludge digester market in North America. For more than 10 years Enersave personnel have been involved with mixing applications in mining, industrial, and municipal industries. Their experience in these fields led them to develop and improve this innovative solids mixing technology.

Founded in 1975, GL&V is a world leader in liquid/solid separation technologies used in a large number of industrial, municipal and environmental processes. It's Water Treatment Group (Eimco Water Technologies) is focused on the development and worldwide marketing of process equipment in the treatment of water and wastewater for municipal, industrial and power generation industries.


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