Dallas water utility gets new wastewater flow monitoring system

Hach and Carl Company FlowWorks simplify flow data analysis for city of Dallas.

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VANCOUVER, BC, JULY 24, 2017 -- Carl Data Solutions Inc. ("Carl" or the "Company"), a developer of Big-Data-as-a-Service ("BDaaS")-based solutions for data integration, business intelligence, and Industrial Internet-of-Things ("IIoT") applications, is pleased to announce that FlowWorks Inc. has partnered with the Hach Company US Flow Division to provide the City of Dallas with accurate and accessible wastewaterflow monitoring data. City sewer sites are now connected through sensors to an online platform, simplifying infrastructure monitoring and accurate event predictions for Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) workers.

In October 2013, The City of Dallas brought Hach Flow instruments on board to upgrade and modernize their wastewater system. Hach technology provided the state-of-the-art Flo-Dar sensor including upgrades to flow monitoring, sampling and data collection. Less than four years later, Dallas boasts an integrated system that remotely collects and consolidates data in real-time from a variety of sensors at 53 monitoring sites to be increased to 80. This year, FlowWorks will join the project, bringing software that allows municipal staff to perform real-time analyses, set alarms, and transform existing raw data into actionable information through a single web interface.

Emily Steele, P.E. Hach Flow DDS Project Manager had positive remarks regarding the partnership. "We at Hach are very excited to integrate FlowWorks software into our customers' workflow. It will build on our existing remote sensor technology and provide a new tool to our customers as instant data analysis continues to play a larger and larger role in running efficient flow operations."

Kevin Marsh, FlowWorks VP of Sales, commented, "By partnering with Hach, we are able to provide municipalities with a comprehensive flow monitoring solution. And as extreme weather and other events that impact these kinds of infrastructure become more frequent, the need for these kinds of services will continue to grow."

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FlowWorks is a powerful Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS")-based application for collecting, monitoring and analyzing all types of environmental data. Learn more at www.flowworks.com.

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