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Anue offers cost-, labor-saving and chemistry-eliminating technologies for the treatment of odor, corrosion and FOG (fat, oil, grease) in municipal and industrial wastewater.

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Anue systems save cost and labor, eliminate chemistry

Anue Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency oxygen, ozone and Enviroprep technologies for the elimination of odor, corrosion and FOG (fat, oil, grease) in municipal and industrial wastewater, will demonstrate its cost-saving, labor-saving and chemistry-­eliminating systems at WEFTEC.

During the past year Anue has relocated its manufacturing and corporate headquarters from California to a larger, more cost-effective new facility in Tucker, Ga. The company has improved production efficiencies, added expert operations and service personnel, enlarged its fleet of Mobile Demonstration Units, and helped numerous municipalities throughout the U.S. and Western Canada.

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Anue’s Mobile Demonstration Units are available to visit your facility or lift station to test the appropriate system(s) to resolve your municipal or industrial water treatment challenges.

On display at WEFTEC will be Anue’s compact Phantom system, the larger capacity FORSe system, and an ongoing live demonstration of the Enviroprep system with its unique water cascading action for the complete elimination of FOG biomass in just a few hours of operation.

Anue’s design features ease of operations coupled with full telemetry capabilities for remote programming and control. The integrated oxygen and ozone generating systems are proven solutions for point source odor and corrosion control.

Eliminate costly, messy and potentially hazardous chemistry deliveries. Adopt clean, safe and sustainable oxygen, ozone and Enviroprep technologies for the reduction of H2S and the elimination of odor, FOG and corrosion. WW

Anue Water Technologies is exhibiting at WEFTEC.18, booth 5557. For more information, visit

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