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PWNT: A Game-changing Innovator in Water Treatment

Content Dam Wwi Volume 31 Issue 3 Aerial View Of Andijk Iii The Netherlands

PWNT: A Game-changing Innovator in Water Treatment

Jonathan Clement, CEO of PWN Technologies (PWNT) explains the importance of sustainable long-term solutions in a changing world of water treatment.

“The world is changing. That also counts for the water industry. Providing clean drinking water globally can prevent diseases; nobody will argue against clean drinking water contributing to good health. However, the quality of surface water is extremely challenging, as we have to deal with all kinds of pollution.

One of the growing problems in the pollution of surface water is for instance drug residues, pesticides and salt. Water supplies are depleting, forcing the world to turn to more and more impaired or constrained water quality. This means using wastewater effluent, polluted rivers and seawater.

Content Dam Wwi Volume 31 Issue 3 Aerial View Of Andijk Iii The Netherlands
Ceramic membranes - CeraMac at Andijk II

One of the most, if not the most, crucial challenges to improving safe water supply to the world is the adoption and use of new water treatment technology. Furthermore, with urbanisation, there is insufficient space for existing technology and this leads the way for more compact technology.

Finally, there is and must be a movement towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable technology. This is a totally new direction. We need to face the challenges and needs of water utilities and therefore develop and implement reliable and long-term solutions with lower environmental impact and lower life cycle cost. At this moment discussions arise on sustainable water treatment systems that empower innovative solutions.

PWNT is responding to these needs by continuously refining our key technologies for optimal local implementation worldwide. It aspires to become one of the most innovative water technology companies in the world in 2020: a game-changing innovator, and a technology and knowledge leader in the water industry. Technology development that is reliable, sustainable, compact and efficient is the highest priority for PWNT. Our R&D center, located in Andijk, the Netherlands, is one of the largest R&D centers for water treatment research in the world.

Ceramac At Andijk
Aerial view of Andijk II, The Netherlands

PWNT mainly focuses on being a high-end system, technology and process provider with our suspended ion exchange (SIX®) process and ceramic membrane filtration (CeraMac®) systems. In the application of these technologies, PWNT also focuses on the integration with other advanced technologies like inline coagulation adsorption (ILCA®), advanced oxidation and GAC adsorption.

Most companies merely only sell the technology, whereas PWNT has leading expertise in the areas of the application of these technologies with its globally recognised experts. We build long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. We act as a partner throughout the conception of the project pre-piloting, during the pilot phase and in the development of the tender project.

PWNT and the client develop the project goals always together. This is in line with our core values of integrity, accountability, passion and being client-driven. That is our commitment to the water industry and the world.”


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