UV-Vis Spectrophotometric Sensors For Wastewater Treatment Process Monitoring

Activated sludge is a biological process in which dissolved and particulate pollutants are removed by transforming organic carbon as BOD or COD into carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia nitrogen into nitrogen gas (N2). Therefore, monitoring COD and nitrate in the process is critical for process control. Carbon parameters, including COD, and nitrate and nitrite can be detected quickly and directly by measuring the penetration of ultraviolet (UV) light through a sample using the principle of UV spectrophotometry. UV-Vis spectrophotometric sensors built into probes which are immersed directly in the wastewater provide a continuous and direct online measurement without the need for costly reagents. Furthermore, the sensors have built-in factory calibrations which are very stable. A user calibration is not required. Cleaning of the optical lenses is the only routine maintenance activity. The IQ SensorNet UV-Vis sensors do not have replaceable parts and never require factory service.

This white paper is sponsored by YSI - a Xylem brand.