Cyrus Industries changes name to Sentinel Solutions

Company to utilize new name and corporate branding to aggressively target potential clients, government agencies, investors...

TORONTO, Canada, Sept. 7, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cyrus Industries, an emerging company in water monitoring for safety, toxicity addressing public health and homeland security markets, today announced that effective Sept. 3, the company has completed its name change to Sentinel Solutions Inc.

The company concurrently announced that it will be trading under a new ticker symbol -- SLNC.

The new name and ticker positions the company to be very aggressive in marketing its premier product, the Water Sentinel System (WSS) to the investment community along with trade and financial media as it better expresses the Company's branding and product.

The WSS will monitor and gather water data for Chlorine, pH, turbidity, water temperature, ambient air temperature and water flow rate on small to mid-sized commercial water sites. The system has up to 10 analog inputs and 8 digital inputs/outputs. The system will collect and store data to use for a year end report. The WSS will report out-of-limit measurements directly to a centralized server that in turn would notify a technician on call. The WSS is highly configurable and programmable which will allow adaptation to protect the general public to monitor the water supply from terrorist attacks through the water supply.


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