Neptune announces deployment of the largest water consumer portal in North America

MyWaterToronto is an online tool that enables customers to view their water use information from their computer or mobile device.

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TALLASSEE, AL., March 10, 2016 – Neptune Technology Group Inc. (“Neptune”) announces the City of Toronto has launched MyWaterToronto based on Neptune’s N_SIGHT™ IQ Intelligent Data and Analytics platform and utilizing Neptune’s Connected Utility Partnership Program™ (CUPP) interfaces. MyWaterToronto is an online tool that enables customers to view their water use information from their computer or mobile device. It leverages the power of Neptune’s IQ platform to process, organize, and analyze over 2.2 million water meter readings per day.

"MyWaterToronto is an important new tool that will help us to provide better customer service to residents and businesses in Toronto," said Lou Di Gironimo, General Manager, Toronto Water. "By allowing customers to access their water use information anytime, anywhere, we are helping them to detect leaks more quickly, and giving them the power to make informed decisions about their water use, which will help to encourage water conservation."

MyWaterToronto is the first implementation of Neptune’s new version of N_SIGHT IQ that provides fully decoupled architecture, allowing for independent implementation of the backend system and frontend presentation layer. “The City of Toronto had very specific and rigorous requirements to ensure that the customer web portal tightly integrated into their current customer facing web presence. Neptune's approach uses application program interfaces (APIs) that enable the City of Toronto to build a user interface of its design on top of Neptune's powerful IQ platform,” said John Sala, Director of Marketing for Systems at Neptune.

MyWaterToronto is the culmination of a six-year capital project between the City of Toronto and Neptune Technology Group that involved installing automated water meters in more than 470,000 homes and businesses in the city. The tool has been loaded with more than one billion water meter readings, which enables customers to view their water use data from January 1, 2015, up to the day before they log on.

Customers can use MyWaterToronto to view their total and average water use by day, week, month, or year in graph or chart format. The tool also provides additional details such as temperature and precipitation to help customers better understand why they may have used more or less water during a particular time period.

“I am very proud of the solution developed between Neptune and the City of Toronto. While MyWaterToronto leverages our N_SIGHT IQ application, it also meets the unique needs of the customer. It is a win/win scenario that demonstrates what can be accomplished when a vendor and a utility work as true partners in delivering solutions of value to the utility and in this case their customers as well,” said Chuck DiLaura, president of Neptune Technology Group.

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