PennWell launches publication, conference, and exhibition focusing on homeland security systems applications

PennWell is launching the Homeland Security Solutions publication and the Homeland Security Solutions Conference & Exhibition.

Nashua, NH, Jan. 14, 2003 -- PennWell is launching the Homeland Security Solutions publication and the Homeland Security Solutions Conference & Exhibition, focusing on systems applications for terrorist threat, prevention, and response. The publication will launch at the show, which will be April 23-24, 2003 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore.

Homeland Security Solutions is the news publication of systems applications for public and private initiatives in the United States to safeguard American citizens and interests from foreign and domestic terror attack, and respond to attacks in a coordinated fashion when they happen.

"Homeland Security Solutions magazine is the tactical source for decision makers responsible for buying systems applications solutions for terrorism prevention and coordinated response," says John McHale, editor-in-chief of Homeland Security Solutions. "Even before Sept. 11, our security agencies personnel could stand improvement with the latest electronics technology. Today the need is even more pressing and Homeland Security Solutions is committed in the long term to provide news and in-depth analysis regarding systems applications solutions for homeland security."

"The need to protect American citizens has moved to the forefront of our national defense efforts. This publication will serve the increasing demand of the homeland security market for information on tools and technology," says Ron Mastro, publisher of Homeland Security Solutions. "Homeland Security Solutions will be written to provide crucial information to those executives needing to prioritize the buying decisions for homeland security products and services. The Homeland Security Solutions Conference & Exhibition will provide a forum for those who make and buy homeland security products and services in the government and private sector."

The Homeland Security Solutions show and publication are for systems applications buyers and manufacturers who are intimately connected with efforts to bolster homeland security to prevent and respond to attacks from foreign and domestic terrorists.

Publication content will focus on primarily terrorism prevention across the board -- federal, state, local, and private security authorities. However, the publication's reach also extends to the segment of homeland security response that involves systems applications solutions for the coordination of federal, state, local, and private responses to terrorism attack -- particularly in terms of voice and data communications, as well as for the sharing of electronic information. The essential areas of Homeland Security Solutions coverage will be hardware, software, and systems integration.

Featuring suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers of homeland security equipment for government and private security, the exhibition will address the needs of industries such as nuclear, power, and water treatment plants, railroads, airports, bridges, government buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, office buildings, tourist and ports of entry. The products and services center on technologies to detect, prevent, and respond to terrorist attacks and will include sensors, biometrics, information processing, image recognition and analysis, data mining, and pattern recognition and matching.

The Homeland Security Solutions Conference & Exhibition will run concurrently and share an exhibit floor at the Baltimore Convention Center with another PennWell event, The Military & Aerospace Electronics (M&AE) East 2003 Show. While the Homeland Security Solutions Conference & Exhibition is about finished systems and subsystems ready for use, the M&AE Show spotlights the components and systems integration solutions for finished systems.

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