Mobile solution helps Cincinnati wastewater division improve costs, efficiency

Cincinnati adopted Flowfinity's mobile platform to help track activities of its 150 field technicians and create guided field service apps.

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 20, 2013 -- The city of Cincinnati recently adopted a flexible mobile platform to help track the activities of its 150 technicians in the field as well as create guided field service apps to replace paper forms and laptops.

The platform, provided by Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a provider of enterprise mobile apps, helped Cincinnati's Wastewater Collection Division address the challenges of missing and inaccurate information gathered in the field, issues with usability of legacy software applications, and the difficulty with efficiently staffing a 24-hour call center to handle customer service requests. With Flowfinity, the division has realized over $150,000 of savings and expects to reduce administrative tasks by 30 percent to achieve more value for labor dollars spent.

Flowfinity was selected for its depth of functionality to meet all of the city's requirements for security, automating workflows, capturing data, and creating and modifying apps without programming. The ability for the business unit to easily create or modify apps with limited IT involvement was an important requirement because business processes can change often due to government and permit regulations.

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