New CIS, billing solution implemented at FL water authority

Toho Water Authority has implemented a customer information system and billing solution from Advanced Utility Systems.

KISSIMMEE, FL and TORONTO, CANADA, May 1, 2013 -- Toho Water Authority (the Authority) has completed their implementation of CIS Infinity, the customer information system (CIS) and billing solution from Advanced Utility Systems.

The Authority is a special independent district that serves approximately 85,000 customers in Kissimmee, Poinciana, and unincorporated areas of Osceola County, Fla. They are the largest provider of water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services in Osceola County.

In an effort to serve customers in a more efficient and cost effective manner, a decision was made to move customer service functions in-house for the Poinciana service area. A key element of this transition was CIS Infinity. As Rodney Henderson, Director of Business Services for the Authority explains, "In order for the transition to be successful we required a customer-centric CIS system that would support our business needs and reinforce our customer service processes.”

"By offering a wide range of functionality, CIS Infinity delivers what we need in order to enhance the customer service experience. We look forward to introducing more service features to our customers such as increased payment options, bill due date flexibility, proactive/automated notifications and conservation oriented communications that were previously unavailable."

In addition to the implementation of CIS Infinity, Advanced provided the Authority with a full business process review to assist them in building their new business and in-house call center.

Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President for Advanced, comments on this aspect of the implementation: "An integral component of our implementation methodology is to conduct thorough Discovery workshops. In the case of the Authority, this process allowed us to document and implement best business practices for using CIS Infinity. In the end the Authority was left with consistent processes and streamlined capabilities to support excellent customer service by Authority staff."

Going forward, the Authority will leverage their strong partnership with Kissimmee Utility Authority, also an Advanced customer, and the knowledge and experiences of the growing Advanced Florida customer user community to identify additional ways that CIS Infinity can be used to meet the Authority’s objective of enhanced customer service.


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