Water district's safety efforts pay off

Western Water District's ongoing commitment to safety and reliability has paid off with a sizable refund from the District's insurance provider...

RIVERSIDE, CA, Mar. 13, 2012 -- Western Water District's ongoing commitment to infrastructure integrity, water reliability and employee safety has paid off with a $40,100 insurance refund from the District's insurance provider, the Association of California Water Agencies Joint Power Insurance Authority.

Western received the refund from the insurance agency for successfully lowering costs related to water leaks, property damages and workplace safety.

"Thanks to Western's commitment to improving the infrastructure for storing and delivering water to our customers, the construction of new seismically sound buildings to reduce the potential of earthquake damage, and our employee's commitment to safe work practices, this refund is a reflection of Western's employees dedication to serving the community," said Western's Administrative Services Manager Tom McMillen, who is in charge of overseeing District safety.

Some of the risk management activities that the District has undertaken include seismic retrofits of water storage tanks and replacement of older sections of pipeline. Such actions help prevent the potential of leaks and the resultant damage to property while reducing the District's liability. Western also has a strong commitment to continuing employee safety education programs with multiple safety programs currently in place to help reduce injuries.

This year is the second time that the District has received a refund. The $40,100 refund will be set aside to offset future property, liability and workers' compensation costs. "This type of standard for efficiency and safety directly benefits our ratepayers," explained Western's Assistant General Manager and COO Jeff Sims. "Each dollar saved helps keep costs down."

The Association of California Water Agencies Joint Power Insurance Authority, the District's workers' compensation, property and liability insurance company, is a public agency that provides insurance to thousands of water agencies across the state. This year, more than 220 water agencies are receiving refunds totaling nearly $7.5 million.

Western Municipal Water District provides water supply, wastewater disposal and water resource management to the public in a safe, reliable, environmentally sensitive and financially responsible manner.


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