Chesterfield County selects Advanced's CIS Infinity to replace legacy CIS solution

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA and TORONTO, ON, Canada, June 9, 2009 -- Harris Computer Systems announced that Chesterfield County Department of Utilities (VA) has selected Advanced Utility Systems' CIS Infinity to replace its legacy customer information and billing (CIS) solution...

• CIS Infinity enables world-class customer service and operational efficiency through system automation, access to data, and ease of use

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA and TORONTO, ON, Canada, June 9, 2009 -- Harris Computer Systems is excited to announce that Chesterfield County Department of Utilities, Virginia has selected Advanced Utility Systems' CIS Infinity to replace its legacy customer information and billing (CIS) solution. Chesterfield is Advanced's third client in the state of Virginia.

Chesterfield County Department of Utilities is a public utility that employs state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest quality water and wastewater service to its customers. The department provides water service to approximately 105,000 customers and wastewater service to approximately 85,000 customers in the county.

Chesterfield County Department of Utilities has selected Advanced Utility Systems' CIS Infinity to replace its legacy CIS system.

Chesterfield County Department of Utilities is a leader in the water and wastewater utility industry. For its 2009 revenue bond issue, Chesterfield was recognized for its financial strength with a AAA bond rating from Moody, Fitch and Standard and Poor's. Chesterfield is one of only three water and wastewater utilities in the country to receive a AAA rating from all three rating agencies. Chesterfield was also recently honored by The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) with its top utility management award, recognizing the department as was one of only 11 public drinking-water systems in the country to receive the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence. Since 2001, the department has been awarded seven National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards for excellence in customer service.

As a utility that seeks to achieve excellence throughout the organization, Chesterfield, partnering with their CIS Consulting firm AAC Utility Partners, engaged in an exhaustive search for the best CIS solution to assist in the accomplishment of the Utility's vision, mission, goals and objectives. For Chesterfield County, world-class customer service is a foundation of these initiatives.

"In order to provide world class service, our organization was looking for an intuitive, easy to use solution that provided quick access to complete and accurate information. After an exhaustive search of many products, the selection team was unanimous that CIS Infinity provided the depth and breadth of functionality with the access to data and ease of use that would enable us to meet our goal of world-class service. We are confident that CIS infinity will enable us to streamline and automate our business processes, quickly view our customer's information, and access necessary data to effectively manage our operations. With these capabilities we will provide the level of service that Chesterfield customers expect and deserve," states Fred Angel, Customer Operations Administrator for Chesterfield County Department of Utilities.

"Advanced provided the necessary system functionality and quality implementation plan needed to meet the requirements of Chesterfield County. We anticipate a high quality, low risk project delivered on time and on budget." states Edwin Crow, Managing Partner, AAC Utility Partners.

CIS Infinity will replace the County's existing billing system. CIS Infinity will provide integration to downstream applications such as: Work Management, GIS, Meter Reading, Lockbox, and integration to the County's Financial Software. As well, CIS Infinity will provide automation in the areas of billing, collections, customer contact, reporting and security, and customer self-service.

"Advanced Utility Systems is excited to partner with an industry leader and a utility where excellence is expected. Advanced and Chesterfield will work together to ensure a successful implementation so that all of Chesterfield County's customers can benefit from the investment in CIS Infinity. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Chesterfield County Department of Utilities," states Peter Fanous, Vice President of Sales for Advanced.

The agreement was finalized during CS Week, which was held May 19-23 in Washington, DC. For the first time in the 33 year history of CS Week, a CIS vendor and a utility participated in a contract signing during the event. AUS and Chesterfield County along with their consultant AAC Utility Partners signed the contract in the CS Week Exhibit Hall at Advanced's booth.

"We would like to thank Jerry Duval, the CS Week Board of Directors, Planning Committee and staff who have enabled Chesterfield County through the CS Week College, workshop sessions, private vendor demonstrations, and networking opportunities to meet, interact, and analyze CIS vendor hardware and software companies. Over the last several years, CS Week has played an invaluable role in our selection process, providing us with opportunities and information confirming our selection of AUS as our CIS vendor. We thought it only appropriate to sign our contract during CS Week," stated Angel.

Advanced is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems that provides Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to utilities and municipalities.

AAC Utility Partners (AAC), nationally headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, is a utility-focused IT consulting firm that guides utilities of all services, sectors, and sizes (from 35,000 to 1.4 million accounts) through their major technology projects.


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