Las Vegas water utility successfully implements enterprise geospatial solution

As one of America's fastest growing cities, Las Vegas must design, build and manage new infrastructure to keep up with development. The largest water purveyor in Nevada, the Las Vegas Valley Water District chose Autodesk's Topobase to meet these challenges. The interoperability features of Topobase allow LVVWD to leverage its existing systems, while improving efficiencies and productivity. It estimates that the total annual cost savings with the new work processes with Topobase are $460,000...

Las Vegas Valley Water District improves design and management of infrastructure with Autodesk Topobase. LVVWD faces the challenge of managing rapidly changing data on its assets that also need to interface with other business processes such as customer service, operations and asset management. With Topobase, utilities leverage and share valuable CAD, GIS and asset information with open, industry-specific solutions.

SAN RAFAEL, CA, Nov. 16, 2006 -- Autodesk Inc. today announced that the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD), the largest water purveyor in Nevada, has successfully expanded its enterprise software systems with Autodesk Topobase software. The LVVWD can now apply precise, real-time spatial data in key business processes, such as design, as-built documentation and maintenance work in the field to enable them to make better decisions and help increase overall productivity and operational efficiency.

Regional growth has generated a soaring number of developer and construction projects, challenging the LVVWD to keep its water network asset data and documentation up-to-date. As the water provider for one of America's fastest growing regions, the LVVWD must design, inspect and approve new infrastructure to keep pace with new development in and around Las Vegas, which has experienced six percent annual growth over the last decade. A key to the LVVWD's success was to make greater use of its engineering design and GIS data by improving its accuracy and accessibility to internal departments such as customer service, operations and finance.

Autodesk Topobase software's open, flexible architecture allows the LVVWD to quickly implement efficient GIS data management systems and maintain and share highly accurate spatial information throughout its organization, regardless of format. Before implementing Topobase, the LVVWD had to convert data formats when moving and managing computer-aided design (CAD) asset and spatial data across various software applications used by various work teams - a process which was both time-intensive and error-prone. Synchronizing design and GIS data was inefficient and not always maintained in real time. Now, a wide range of users can employ a common spatial data source for their various business processes, regardless of whether they have engineering or GIS expertise.

"Autodesk Topobase complements our existing enterprise systems, including ESRI ArcSDE and allows linkages with Hansen asset management and PeopleSoft with a single interface," said Jonathan Pickus, manager, AM/FM/GIS Division, Las Vegas Valley Water District. "Within a five-month period, we were able to incorporate the software into our system-start to finish."

The LVVWD was also able to use the Topobase flexible data model, workflows and business rules to speed up common tasks, improve consistency and support higher-quality data by minimizing scattered, redundant data creation and maintenance processes. For example, when creating as-built documents, Topobase display models visually confirm whether new lines are connected to the network properly while employing business rules so that the database reflects the appropriate connectivity. The long transaction capability in Topobase is also used to highlight the areas of the network that are undergoing work, so that two engineers do not work on the same part of the network at the same time.

"When customers such as the LVVWD need to perform maintenance on an underground water line, it is important to know how many feet from the curb it is, how many feet down, and what else is around it," says Chris Bradshaw, vice president, Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions. "Topobase enables customers to use the high precision information created during the engineering construction phase of their projects to improve efficiency in the ongoing management of their infrastructure assets."

Built on Autodesk Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise and Oracle Spatial database software applications, Autodesk Topobase is currently available in the United States and Europe in International English, German, Italian and French. For additional information, please contact an Autodesk sales representative, or visit: .

The Las Vegas Valley Water District is a not-for-profit agency that began providing water to the Las Vegas Valley in 1954. It is the largest water purveyor in Southern Nevada, serving more than 1 million people each day.

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