Water district uses Lawson applications to help meet customer needs

SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 27, 2010 -- Rancho California Water District (RCWD) has successfully completed the district-wide deployment of a multi-suite enterprise software system from Lawson Software...

SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 27, 2010 -- Rancho California Water District (RCWD) has successfully completed the district-wide deployment of a multi-suite enterprise software system from Lawson Software. This Lawson deployment was completed using Lawson QuickStep Government, which includes the Lawson Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management suites. RCWD is also now using the Lawson Enterprise Financial Management suite and Lawson Business Intelligence. Lawson Professional Services provided implementation services for the project rollout.

The Rancho California Water District serves more than 120,000 people in the area known as Temecula/Rancho California, which includes the City of Temecula, portions of the City of Murrieta and unincorporated areas of southwest Riverside County. It is a local, independent "special district," operating in support of the California Water Code. Conserving and managing the area's unique water resources are essential to the continued viability of the community.

The integrated Lawson system replaces RCWD's legacy systems, helping district administrators quickly and efficiently access financial, supply chain and human resources data. This helps the organization manage the business of providing water services to its customers in an economical and sustainable manner. Using Lawson Business Intelligence, RCWD now has expanded organization-wide reporting capabilities and boosted visibility into key information, which ultimately helps support its day-to-day operations and long-term strategic plan.

RCWD administrators will use the Lawson applications to help improve productivity and cross-departmental data sharing through a single centralized system. For example, the Lawson system will help the district:

Efficiently manage and plan its finances to support cost-effective functioning of water and wastewater system operations.

Use supply chain management tools to procure materials and supplies more efficiently and create a building block for better asset management and proactive maintenance. This supports RCWD's mission of providing high quality reliable drinking water.

Track spending against tight budgets and administer distinct statutory reporting requirements that govern water special districts.

Automate and streamline HR administrative processes to help improve overall efficiency and enable managers to focus on more strategic initiatives.

"One of our goals was to have an integrated ERP system in place that will help us focus more of our time, energy and resources on serving our constituents and less time on task management," said Jeff Armstrong, CFO at the Rancho California Water District. "With our successful implementation of the Lawson system, we are in a better position to continue to successfully plan for and meet the ever-changing water needs of our community." According to Jason Martin, IT and customer service manager, many users in finance, human resources and purchasing have commented on the new ways they can retrieve information, analyze data, and present information to senior management. This will help Rancho respond to customer, colleague and management requests according to veteran Rancho staff and new Lawson users.

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