Florida utility upgrades to FATHOM billing and customer service suite

Arcadia, FL, selects FATHOM to enhance utility billing and customer service with big data.

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PHOENIX, MAY 16, 2016 -- FATHOMTM Water Management Inc. ("FATHOM"), a leading software-as-a-service provider for water utilities, today announced a new partnership with the city of Arcadia, Florida. Arcadia will employ FATHOM's complete suite of software and managed services solutions to modernize the utility billing operations and deliver personalized water use information to utility customers.

Arcadia has chosen FATHOM to provide an enhanced experience through a new customer information system (CIS) complete with utility billing and call center services. The FATHOM software system will replace the billing system currently in use across Arcadia. Along with the CIS tools, Arcadia will also deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), meter data management (MDM) and the FATHOM U2You customer portal. These tools will reduce water loss throughout distribution systems, streamline back end utility operations and provide an easy and intuitive online portal with both personalized usage data and increased payment options to utility customers.

"FATHOM's software solutions offer countless benefits to our utilities and residents that are simply unavailable through our current systems," said Terry Stewart, city administrator for Arcadia. "These new tools will enable our potable water utility to operate with greater efficiencies, quicker response and benefit from enhanced accuracy of utility billing and metering – this partnership is a win-win for both utility operators and Arcadia residents alike."

Using FATHOM's software, the city of Arcadia expects to save enough money to offset the cost of the system. Arcadia has chosen to finance the implementation of FATHOM's software suite over the life of the meters through FATHOM Capital. Through this financing plan, the FATHOM platform will pay for itself over time, without any additional capital or rate increases.

"Modern water utilities need tools built for the 21st century," said Trevor Hill, chief executive officer of FATHOM. "Many communities across the United States still rely on older methods such as manual transcription of meter data for leak detection and customer billing. We're proud to update Arcadia's tools and bring new data-driven insights and cost-savings to the local community."

The implementation of the turn-key project is expected to be completed by December of 2017 and will reach nearly 3,500 water meters throughout Arcadia.

Based in Phoenix, AZ with offices in and Austin, TX and Alpharetta, GA, FATHOM is a software-as-a-service company helping water utilities do more with declining resources. With rapidly deployable, risk-free, cloud-based solutions that address all aspects of the meter-to-cash verticals for water utilities, FATHOM increases revenue, decreases costs and delights customers. FATHOM was built by a water utility, for water utilities and delivers a risk-free solution to more than 150 water utilities and partners around the world. There is strength in numbers. To learn more, visit www.gwfathom.com.

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