Software System Helps Manage Treatment Plant Upgrade

When faced with the challenge of implementing a multi-million dollar water treatment system upgrade...

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When faced with the challenge of implementing a multi-million dollar water treatment system upgrade, the Goleta Water District (GWD) knew it needed a comprehensive software solution. The software had to support the design, development, and construction of the treatment plant upgrade and the future maintenance and operation of the water treatment system.

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The Goleta Water District needed a set of tools to help manage asset data during the design and construction of its water treatment plant upgrade.
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Because GWD staff realized early they needed a system to address long-term operations and maintenance, they were able to implement a software solution that goes beyond the traditional software limits.

A thorough needs assessment allowed the GWD staff to focus on their goals, including: transferring hard copy maps to digital format with related asset data; developing a system that allows easy update, edit, querying and printing of data; delivering work management, operations, map, and asset data via web interface; system expandability, demand analysis, and design tool; and connecting to their customer billing system to support transfer of customer data to pertinent departments.

The software solution that GWD implemented allowed the following:

• Standard asset hierarchy synchronized with the GIS; work order management and cost tracking; labor management; materials management; purchasing management; scheduling and materials forecasting; and related business performance measurement and reporting.
• Capital project management; project collaboration; design drawing management; a standard asset hierarchy synchronized with the GIS; and association of content to assets within the asset hierarchy.
• Asset hierarchy management based on the GIS assets; a common data model to access all asset information; asset failure and cost information that can be queried and presented within the GIS; asset content that can be queried and presented within the GIS.

In addition to implementing this integrated solution, GWD’s current AutoCAD and MapGuide applications were converted to an enterprise GIS based on ESRI ArcInfo and ArcIMS web solutions. The final ESRI solution enabled GWD to capture and view documents, pictures, PDFs, and other unstructured content from within the GIS. GWD can now leverage information such as operating procedures, inspection reports, and record drawings produced during the construction phase to support operations and maintenance activities for installed assets.

As a result of this implementation, GWD expects to accomplish several asset management objectives. These include:

• Earlier and more accurate capture of asset data during plan, design/build, and commission phases.
• Longer asset life through more effective maintenance policies.
• Ability to properly justify renewal and replacement programs by providing historical asset performance, failure and maintenance data for analysis.
• Enhanced accuracy of resource projections to better manage maintenance workloads.
• Improved management of materials needed for proactive and reactive maintenance activities.
Improved management of purchasing.

The Goleta Water District’s geographical and work management system was designed and implemented by TAG, The Asset Group, an MWH company. The scope of the project was to design and implement a system that would allow the administration, engineering, and operations departments to work from a common relational database system to complete core business functionality.

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