SkyWave ships 50,000th terminal due to utility asset management, security services growth

SkyWave Mobile Communications reported global demand for asset management and security services is accelerating the growth for Inmarsat D+ burst message services as SkyWave surpasses the 50,000 terminal shipment milestone...

OTTAWA, Canada, Aug. 3, 2005 -- SkyWave Mobile Communications, a global distributor of Inmarsat D+ burst messaging services, reported yesterday that the global demand for asset management and security services is accelerating the growth for Inmarsat D+ burst message services as SkyWave surpasses the 50,000 terminal shipment milestone.

Asset management and security services enable the remote control, monitor, position, and physical security of valuable asset whether on land or at sea, stationary or mobile. It facilitates the optimized utilization of assets. With asset management and security services, enterprises realize enormous cost savings through more efficient use of high value property such as heavy equipment, marine vessels, trailers and trucks. Fleet operators recognize significant insurance premium reductions and significant fuel savings. Around the world's oceans, shipboard security has become of paramount concern as fishery operators realize a more accurate and greater number of fleet deployments and increasing catch values.

"The global market for commercial vehicle telematics is predicted to grow at a compounding rate of 18% through to 2010" said David Schrier, ABI Research and author of their Commercial Telematics Research Service. Commercial vehicle telematics is one of the applications for asset management and security. "Satellite services are one of the key enabling technologies, especially in developing countries".

"Asset management and security services have become an integral part of the overall strategy for enterprises to boost profitability" explained SkyWave's CEO, Pui-Ling (Stanley) Chan. "With our products and services, businesses have an effective tool to drive productivity and efficiency gains". "Insurance companies around the world rely on D+ services to reduce risks, while truck fleet operators are able to realize a reduction in policy rates" declared Mr. Chan. "Fleets operators achieve operational savings such reduced fuel costs. Surpassing the 50,000 terminal milestone highlights our commitment to our solution providers to enable them to offer these necessary services."

Inmarsat D+ provides global coverage (except for the polar regions) from SkyWave's small, lightweight, low-power terminals, and can be used in conjunction with web-based tracking applications, often provided as part of an overall package. It can be pre-programmed or remotely triggered to send automatic messages, including GPS co-ordinates and other data.

"As our largest reseller of Inmarsat D+ burst message services, SkyWave Mobile Communications is a very important partner for us in the low data rate service sector" said Tony Busby, product and service management director. "SkyWave has been part of Inmarsat D+ since its definition and we are confident that Inmarsat D+ will continue to meet the challenging needs of asset management and security applications".

Inmarsat plc ( is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services. The company has 26 years' experience of designing, launching and operating its satellite-based network. With a fleet of ten owned and operated geostationary satellites, which are controlled from its headquarters in London, Inmarsat provides a wide range of voice and high-speed data services to users worldwide, including telephony, fax, video, email and broadband intranet and internet access. Inmarsat's revenues, operating profit and EBITDA for the full year 2004 were US$480.7 million, US$159.1 million and US$303.6 million, respectively.

SkyWave Mobile Communications ( is a global leader for satellite communications products and services that enables solution providers to deliver to their customers cost-effective, reliable, timely and scalable asset management and security services on land or at sea, fixed or mobile. SkyWave is an established market leader with a strong base of over 70 worldwide customers in 30 countries. It's first in Inmarsat D+ terminal sales and a leading reseller of Inmarsat D+ services.


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