CarteGraph provides cost-effective solution for Arlington, Texas

City chooses Iowa company's asset management software to integrate public works planning and operations...

DUBUQUE, IA, Aug. 2, 2005 -- CarteGraph Systems Inc., is proud to announce that the city of Arlington, Texas, chose CarteGraph software, a cost-effective, integrated asset management solution, for their work management, pavement management and inventory needs.

The city of Arlington will be implementing WORKdirector, CALLlink, MAPdirector for ArcGIS and all of CarteGraph's individual asset modules. With the CarteGraph Software Suite, they will build an asset management system that will integrate with their current ESRI database. It also improves their ability to place and track work orders, map various assets through GIS, and track inventory and asset condition. This also will assist with their stewardship of public funds, improve customer service, increase productivity and allow employees to become more efficient.

"CarteGraph appears to be building a strong user group in Texas, which allows us quick access to the experiences of neighboring cities," said Kathy Morgan, Assistant Director of Services for Arlington's Public Works Department. "We plan to implement CarteGraph in three or four phases over the next few years to incorporate all of our major assets including pavement; traffic signals, signs and markings; street lights; and storm sewers."

With CarteGraph software, Arlington is finding a better way to serve its constituents, while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of its organization.

CarteGraph (, a service provider in public works asset management, develops software and offers service solutions for the collection, management and analysis of asset data for public works departments, including GIS integration. Its software is used worldwide by a diverse group of over 1,000 organizations including small towns, large cities, counties, states and federal agencies, and private firms


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