Five new clients join CarteGraph

Coronado, Calif., Lomita, Calif., Port Jervis, N.Y., Somerton, Ariz., and Taylorville, Ill. have joined the hundreds of other entities utilizing CarteGraph Software to achieve better efficiencies in their organizations. The software is geared largely for public works projects, including water and wastewater programs...

DUBUQUE, IA, Sept. 27, 2005 -- CarteGraph Systems announces the addition of five new organizations -- Coronado, Calif.; Lomita, Calif.; Port Jervis, N.Y.; Somerton, Ariz.; and Taylorville, Ill. -- joining the hundreds of other entities utilizing CarteGraph Software to achieve better efficiencies in their organizations.

-- Coronado, Calif., (pop. 23,784) located outside of San Diego, purchased CarteGraph's WORKdirector to replace their existing Microsoft Access-based work management system. The city wanted a more robust system that allowed them to quickly access information and easily create reports.
-- Lomita, Calif., (pop. 20,658) a coastal city, chose CarteGraph's WORKdirector, PAVEMENTview Plus, MAPdirector and CALLlink. The city wants to be able to track citizen calls and initiate work orders from those calls for the Public Works Department. They are also looking to maintain an inventory of their pavement segments with assistance from WILLDAN, an engineering firm performing the data collection.

-- Port Jervis, N.Y., (pop. 9,100) located at the junction of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, selected CarteGraph's WORKdirector, SEWERview and WATERview products for their first phase of implementation. After watching a demonstration from CarteGraph, the city officials knew the software would meet their management needs for a comprehensive management solution.

-- Somerton, Ariz., (pop. 8,089), a small community just outside of Yuma, Ariz., joined CarteGraph's other clients when they purchased PAVEMENTview Plus and SIGNview. The first phase for the city is to implement PAVEMENTview Plus as part of a capital improvement plan spanning the next three to five years. The second phase will be to acquire an inventory of their traffic signs using SIGNview.

-- Taylorville, Ill., (pop. 11,427) located near Springfield, Ill., purchased CarteGraph's SEWERview, SIGNview and PAVEMENTview. The city will begin their process with a complete sign inventory CarteGraph which replaces an existing sign management program that was not meeting their needs.

With CarteGraph software, these cities are finding a better way to serve their constituents, while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations.

CarteGraph (, a leader in public works asset management, develops software and provides service solutions dedicated to the collection, management and analysis of asset data for Public Works departments, including water and wastewater systems. Software and service solutions are available for asset, work and request management as well as GIS integration. It's used worldwide by a diverse group of over 1000 organizations including small towns, large cities, counties, states and federal agencies, and private firms.

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