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Exaktime Inc. offers FastTrakker, a handheld solution to the problem of tracking dozens or hundreds of work activities (i.e., cost codes) ...

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Attendance system

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Exaktime Inc. offers FastTrakker, a handheld solution to the problem of tracking dozens or hundreds of work activities (i.e., cost codes) to every employee and work site. The system provides accurate information on exactly how many hours workers spend on different tasks, resulting in better project estimating, compliance with government regulations and stronger business decision-making. The device is used with Exaktime’s JobClock System, a time and attendance system designed specifically for the field.
Exaktime Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: 888-788-8463

Alarm transmitter

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Utilities that deploy a KP Fixed Network can now use the system for both AMR and security applications at no extra cost. Various types of sensors such as motion, door contact, water level, Ph levels, or any other sensor can now be monitored in real-time by the utility. The Mega-Net automatic meter reading system uses long-range end points (tens of miles), so it does not require an extensive network of data collectors and antennas. The long-range nature of the system makes it ideal for utilities that wish to implement a fixed network AMR system, no matter the size of their service area.
KP Electronics Inc.
Horsham, PA
Tel: 888-542-7460

Valve asset manager

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Flowserve ValveSight is an asset management solution for integrated control valves and automated quarter-turn valve packages. The solution significantly reduces unexpected plant or process downtime by predicting potential failure modes and prioritizing condition-based maintenance before the performance of the working process can degrade. It reduces maintenance costs associated with preventative and break-fix activities by ensuring that actions are focused on solving root causes and not just symptoms. For more information, visit
Flowserve Corp.
Irving, TX
Tel: 972-443-6500

Meter data management

A new information tool from Mueller Systems and Hersey Meters called Mi.Net™ will enable water, electric and gas utilities to improve operational efficiencies and customer service levels. The AMI system uses a wireless fixed network and true two-way mesh configuration to provide utilities with a broad range of information that can translate into automated and actionable responses and improve service levels. It will allow utilities to monitor and measure conservation, leak detection and reverse flow conditions. Its simple, webbased software platform also features the ability to provide homeowners with secure customer access to their specific water and energy consumption in an easy to understand Web application.
Hersey Meters LLC
Cleveland, NC
Tel: 704-278-2221

Surveillance system

ELAN Technologies has introduced a new outdoor packaged IP video surveillance system for remote video surveillance and monitoring. The ELAN IP Video System consists of a NEMA 6P rated enclosure with outdoor temperature operating range from -40 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit, for dome IP camera and wireless communication equipment. A variable power supply from 100 to 240 VAC with output voltage range from 10-30 VDC for power of IP PTZ or fixed dome cameras, including available power for wireless equipment options. The system can interface to existing IP video surveillance software systems or new enterprise software, as well as new ELAN Web-hosted video storage with surveillance alarm management.
ELAN Technologies
New Lenox, IL
Tel: 815-463-8105

Capital planning software

MWH Soft has released CapPlan Water for the InfoWater ArcGIS-centric platform. The release complements the CapPlan Sewer product line and represents the next generation of GIS- centric decision support software for drinking water infrastructure management and risk assessment. The software allows users to assess both the probability and consequence of failure for each asset. Probability of failure is determined based on the pipe’s physical condition and location, as well as its hydraulic performance characteristics. Consequence of failure ranking draws on data such as water outages; low- and no-water conditions; reduced fire protection capabilities; flooding; degradation of water quality; and other impacts.
MWH Soft
Broomfield, CO
Tel: 626-568-6868

Water management software

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By using Bentley’s integrated water software, utilities are able to improve customer service, reduce non revenue water, and generate a proactive plan to manage water loss strategically. Its WaterGEMS/WaterCAD offers active leakage control using Darwin Calibrator’s optimization technology and District Metering Area (DMA) management tools. The software helps utilities identify areas to be shut down to repair leaks, areas that will be affected if leaks are not repaired, and areas that will be offline during repairs.
Bentley Systems Inc.
Exton, PA
Tel: 800-236-8539

Water information management

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Hach Company has broadened its Integrated Information Management product portfolio with the addition of a new suite of software products based on products and technologies that came with Hach’s recent purchases of OPS Systems and the assets of Water-Eye Corporation: Hach WIMS™ and Hach WIMS OnDemand™, two new Hach Water Information Management Solutions™; Hach JobCal®, a computerized maintenance management system; and Hach Aspen, a laboratory information management system. The new additions enhance Hach’s ability to provide water-industryfocused solutions aimed at protecting public health and the environment, meeting compliance requirements, building informed decisions, and reducing costs.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224

Water system software

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WaterTrax Software-as-a-Service products include features to consolidate, screen, report, and share drinking water monitoring and operating data. The service is specifically designed for any drinking water system, from the water source(s), through the treatment plant(s) and out into the distribution system(s). Multiple users get secure and instant access through the Internet to all their water system’s monitoring data. Laboratory data is automatically uploaded, e-mail notifications are automatically generated when alert levels are exceeded and data is consolidated to simplify reporting. The software can link with Google Maps to create a GIS tool to display water quality information.
Seattle, WA
Tel: 866-812-2233

Geo-imaging software

PCI Geomatics announced the availability of Geomatica 10.2, the latest version of its image-centric desktop software, emphasizing automation and productivity for turning spatial data into information. Enhancements in the new release include additional satellite sensor support, including GeoEye-1 and COSMO-SkyMed; a “Get Data” option that allows users to access different data provider websites to conveniently locate data; and added support for Automatic GCP extraction from vectors such as roads.
PCI Geomatics
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Asset management

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Accela’s web-based asset management system provides water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater management agencies and departments an automated, integrated asset and work management solution with key functionality for costing, inventory, maintenance, and inspections and investigations. The software can track each asset’s condition, value, preventative maintenance schedule, and historical maintenance records to assist with GASB 34/35 reporting. It uses pre-defined asset inventories to kick-start any implementation. It can be used to produce professional reports with graphics and charts.
Accela Inc.
San Ramon, CA
Tel: 888-722-2352

3D mapping

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AutoCAD® Map 3D software is an engineering platform for creating and managing spatial data. Using open-source Feature Data Object (FDO) technology, it provides direct access to the leading data formats used in design and GIS, and enables the use of AutoCAD software tools for maintaining a broad variety of spatial information. Bridging the gap between CAD and GIS, the software makes it possible for engineering and GIS professionals to work with the same data and allows design processes to integrate geospatial functions in a single environment for more efficient workflows.
San Rafael, CA

Wireless modem

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The DTXM RadioModem from Ritron is a high performance wireless modem designed to operate on the licensed land mobile frequency bands at VHF, UHF and 220 MHz. These transceivers use the same robust RF circuitry as the time and field-proven DTX Plus transceivers. The modem offers extended range performance in a very small footprint and is ideal for a variety of uses, including remote telemetry and SCADA applications in the water/wastewater industry.
Ritron Inc.
Carmel, IN
Tel: 317-846-1201

Cyber assets protection

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Videx offers CyberLock, a powerful access control solution for utilities that need to protect cyber assets that are critical under CIP reliability standards. The solution brings intelligent access control to existing lock hardware by replacing each lock’s mechanical cylinder with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. It gives management the ability to track contractors and employees that go into sensitive locations. The electronic locks and keys record openings and exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain access. The system also features detailed audit reporting capability.
Corvallis, OR
Tel: 541-758-0521

Workforce support

Future releases of Wonderware’s mobile workforce and decision support system software, IntelaTrac, will leverage new Microsoft technologies for improved presentation and reporting functionality for the mobile workforce. The system will feature compatibility with several of Microsoft’s enhanced .NET Framework 3.0 capabilities, as well as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which is a graphical subsystem in .NET Framework 3.0 that uses XAML markup language for rich user interface development. Wonderware
Lake Forest, CA

Video surveillance

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The Longwatch Video Surveillance System now has an interface to FLIR’s A-Series Thermal Imaging cameras, so that thermal images can be viewed on standard HMI/SCADA software, such as Wonderware InTouch or GE Fanuc iFix. This capability allows operators to see leaks, “hot spots” in a water treatment process, or intruders on HMI screens in the control room. The thermal camera and the Longwatch software can be configured to alarm when pre-defined temperature conditions are detected, such as if a leak occurs, a treatment process becomes too hot or too cold, or if an unexpected image appears, such as an intruder.
Longwatch Inc.
Norwood, MA
Tel: 877-566-4928

Smart networking platform

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Echelon Corporation has launched the LonWorks® 2.0 platform, the next generation platform of control networks and products that make it costeffective to build everyday devices in buildings, factories, city infrastructure, homes and other applications that are smart, connected, and energy aware. The platform brings a new level of performance and simplified installation to control networks based on the ISO/ IEC 14908 body of standards and is fully compatible with LonWorks devices already deployed worldwide.
Echelon Corporation
San Jose, CA
Tel: 408-938-5200

Operations management

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Syncade™ Smart Operations Management suite from Emerson Process Management is a modular, scalable solution that extends the value of PlantWeb® digital plant architecture by integrating real-time intelligent plant-floor data with procedural, off-line and transactional plant business processes, decisions and asset management. The suite addresses four functional areas: resource management, operations optimization, integrated information, and quality and compliance.
Emerson Process Management
Austin, TX

Project tracking

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Envista Corporation has announced Envista 2009 Release 1, which introduces “shovel ready” infrastructure project coordination and tracking to support the renewal efforts of municipalities, counties, highway agencies, and utilities. The feature enables project stakeholders to coordinate critical schedules for these time-sensitive projects and meet the scheduling requirements of economic stimulus funding. In addition, sharing information on economic stimulus projects using a webbased, map-driven application supports transparency and accountability.
Envista Corp.
Beverly, MA
Tel: 978-232-6300

Online resource center

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ESRI’s online Resource Center for Water Utilities Management offers step-by-step videos and templates for editing asset data, sharing information with the mobile workforce and creating a dashboard for managers. Visitors can read direct feedback from other water utilities along with case studies and industry best practices. Additionally, the Resource Center offers a communication forum where visitors can catch up on related news, training, and events; connect with other utilities or ESRI experts; and follow the water utilities blog. Visit the Resource Center at
Redlands, CA
Tel: 909-793-2853

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