Italian utility adopts smart water network modeling solution to optimize business performance

Italian multi-utility Dolomiti Reti has chosen InfoWorks ICM from Innovyze to fulfill its demanding sewerage and drainage system modeling requirements...

BROOMFIELD, CO, Dec. 13, 2011 -- Italian multi-utility Dolomiti Reti has chosen InfoWorks ICM from Innovyze to fulfill its demanding sewerage and drainage system modeling requirements. The news underlines the solution's rapid global adoption as a tool of choice for areas with challenging topographies and complex surface-subsurface system interactions.

Dolomiti Reti, a leading provider of integrated water cycle services, provides services to 81,000 customers in the 18 municipalities of Italy's northerly Trentino region, mainly in and around the historic capital city of Trento. The company is a part of the Dolomiti Energia Group, which provides a comprehensive portfolio of utility services, ranging from power production to waste disposal. The Group is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of its services.

The city of Trento encompasses many suburbs of extremely varied geography and population concentrations, from large industrial areas in the Adige valley to tiny mountain villages in the neighboring Dolomites. "The area's wastewater treatment systems experience characteristically extreme seasonal fluctuations in flows and loadings," notes Matteo Frisinghelli, Dolomiti Reti's General Manager of Water Services. "These factors, added to the complex and varied valley/mountain geography, make InfoWorks ICM's fully-integrated 1D and 2D hydrodynamic simulation capabilities an ideal choice for the utility."

Dolomiti Reti intends to use the industry leading integrated catchment modeling solution for cost-effective sewerage and drainage analysis throughout its varied catchments to help identify and resolve issues, optimize its networks, and undertake efficient and proactive forward planning. The software enables simultaneous modeling of below-ground and above-ground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths and provide a holistic understanding of all the environmental processes taking place.

The sophisticated InfoWorks ICM database design enables Dolomiti Reti to import, track, audit and interpret large quantities of data more easily and quickly than ever before. The software's comprehensive planning and assessment capabilities provide the cutting-edge solution the company requires to offer optimized, cost-effective services to its customers.

"We are delighted that one of Italy's leading utilities has chosen InfoWorks ICM for its complex wastewater and stormwater modeling requirements," said Andrew Brown, Director of International Operations for Innovyze. "This vanguard solution is being rapidly adopted by progressive utilities around the world that are seeking its ease of use, flexibility, functionality, and unsurpassed power to resolve a wide spectrum of multi-faceted above and below-ground issues."


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