Saudi Arabia's National Water Company adopts advanced GIS water, wastewater modeling solutions

BROOMFIELD, CO, July 15, 2009 -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's National Water Company has chosen MWH Soft's hydraulic modeling software suite as its advanced water and sewer modeling and maintenance solution...

BROOMFIELD, CO, July 15, 2009 -- MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's National Water Company has chosen MWH Soft's industry-leading hydraulic modeling software suite as its advanced water and sewer modeling and maintenance solution. The decision underscores MWH Soft's position as the market leader in the Middle East and among many of the largest utilities throughout the world.

In 2008, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established the National Water Company (NWC), a body dedicated to providing quality water and wastewater management services to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom. Within the privatization program, NWC commissioned the services of two private firms based in France, to manage NWC-owned water and sewer infrastructures. Veolia Water, is in charge of the Riyadh City Business Unit (RCBU), and Suez Environment manages the Jeddah City Business Unit (JCBU). RCBU and JCBU combined provide over 2 million cubic meters per day of water (528 MGD) to 9.3 million people.

Within this framework, RCBU and JCBU are building a hydraulic model for both units' water and sewer networks. The Saudi Consolidated Engineering Company, a division of Khatib & Alami Consolidated Engineering Company, has been retained to spearhead the network model construction.

Built atop ArcGIS, InfoWater and InfoSurge seamlessly integrate advanced water distribution network functionalities, including hydraulic, water quality, and transient modeling and optimization, for every water distribution management task. Users can choose the tools that best fit their needs, from creating and calibrating detailed all-pipe models, analyzing hydraulic and water quality conditions, and anticipating and controlling transient response to designing new facilities, optimizing operations, determining protective measures and security upgrades, and expanding and rehabilitating existing systems.

A unique interoperable geospatial framework enables world-record performance, scalability, reliability, functionality and flexibility within the powerful ArcGIS environment, completely eliminating the need for inefficient, unreliable data synchronization and synching schemes or middle link interfaces required by other software. These and more advantages translate to increased productivity, reduced costs, greater efficiency, and better designs and operational strategies -- giving water utilities a clear competitive advantage.

InfoSewer and InfoSWMM address all the operations of a typical sewer system -- from analysis and design to management functions -- in a single, fully integrated geoengineering environment. They allow engineers to accurately examine backwater effects and reverse flow, trunk sewers, open channels, complex piping connections, and a complete library of ancillary structures with sophisticated real-time controls. They also offers comprehensive water quality modeling capabilities including hydrogen sulfide generation and corrosion potential; sediment transport and deposition; and a wide range of pollutants including BOD, TDS, Total Nitrogen, and heavy metals.

"The MWH Soft product suite was the ideal choice for NWC," said Manal Sayed, GIS Solutions Department Manager for Khatib & Alami Consolidated Engineering Company. "It enables RCBU and JCBU to build sound and reliable water and wastewater network models faster than any other software package and maintain seamless ArcGIS integration for effective decision making. Well-built and maintained hydraulic models will enable the Riyadh and Jeddah networks to meet today's operational challenges and plan for the needs of tomorrow."

"We are proud that our software has become the clear choice for the world's largest and most advanced utilities," said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, President and COO of MWH Soft. "These enterprises often face unique operational challenges that can only be modeled quickly and accurately by using the complete feature set of the MWH Soft suite of products. The ongoing adoption of our products by top cities in the Middle East is a powerful indicator of the value they deliver in this water-scarce environment. We're proud that the majority of the largest and most progressive municipalities in this vital region are looking to us for help in meeting corporate strategic goals, raising quality standards, improving overall performance and reliability, and forging closer ties with their customers while securing maximum cost savings."

MWH Soft is a leading global provider of technical and infrastructure software and professional solutions designed to meet the technological needs of utilities, government industries, and engineering organizations worldwide.


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