Business study shows energy top concern

Study shows top three threats to U.S. business includes energy. Affects utilities, industry and services alike. But Cadence Network experts say energy is not a reason to lose sleep...

CINCINNATI, OH, June 1, 2005 -- With Memorial Day just behind us, thoughts of the coming summer are certainly on the mind of businesses. Not because of impending summer vacations, but rather rising energy costs. According to the Interland Spring 2005 Business Barometer, business executives are focused on energy and supply shortages, calling it a top threat to business.

But the reason energy is perceived to be a threat to business is because most CEOs and other top business executives do not have, or are not aware that they have, a proactive energy management strategy in place. According to Cadence Network president and CEO Jeffrey Hart, businesses should certainly remain aware of energy issues, but should not let it control them.

"Smart multiple site organizations have a proactive energy management strategy in place. They know how much they are spending, they know all their energy invoices are correct, they know they are buying energy at the best possible rates, and they are alerted whenever there is an anomaly," Hart xplained.

"Through Cadence Network, our clients are in control. Our people and the information gleaned from our software and services genuinely enable peace of mind and better business decisions. Business leaders know that they are squeezing every drop of savings from these operational expenses."

The survey also pointed out that the top strength of American businesses is a technological lead and strong productivity. According to Hart, the technology of Cadence Network remains on the leading edge of energy management software with its web based CadenceEnterpriseTM solution. In addition, productivity of client businesses are enhanced because the people, software and services enable clients to focus on core competencies, rather than futile attempts to handle this in house.

"Trying to do what we do in house is just not productive," Hart explained. "The cost would be absolutely prohibitive to try to duplicate our people, services and systems; but why would you want to anyway? Energy management is a non-core competency for most businesses. The people of Cadence Network enable overtaxed operations executives to gain control and save time. And ultimately save money and energy."

Cadence Network Inc. ( delivers comprehensive utility, telecommunications and lease facility expense management to chain stores, multiple site businesses and government. Its people, services and software proactively enable business and government to gain control over electric, gas, water, waste, lease and telecommunications expenses by streamlining such services as invoice auditing and payment, rate analysis, and procurement. At work in over 200,000 locations nationwide, the EPA EnergyStar Partner also is a proud supporter of The Arbor Day Foundation.


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