Cadence Network partners with RealWinWin

Duo raises bar on energy control, savings for utilities and public services. Energy expense management solution to give CFOs and operations executives at government facilities and multiple site businesses enhanced control, while saving millions of dollars...

CINCINNATI, OH, May 12, 2005 -- Cadence Network and RealWinWin share a passion in lowering energy cost and saving natural resources. Together, they have partnered to provide an energy expense management solution that will give CFOs and operations executives at government facilities and at multiple site businesses unprecedented control, while saving millions of dollars.

Cadence Network provides leading industry experts, services and technology for centralizing disparate information and providing better tracking methods for utility, telecommunication and lease expenses. This translates into greater control for customers. With control over these operational costs and information analytic capabilities, decision makers are now able to better utilize the top rebate administration solution provided by RealWinWin.

"Businesses and governments are now going to be able to take advantage of the more than $1.5 billion dollars earmarked for energy efficiency and water efficiency improvements to their sites," says Jeffrey Hart, president and CEO of Cadence Network, Inc. "RealWinWin's proprietary systems and processes are at the forefront of the industry. Together, we can ensure that our clients will be able to maximize their energy savings at a level never before possible."

Mark Jewell, president of RealWinWin, says, "It's a natural fit to combine the data visibility and industry expertise that Cadence Network provides with our turnkey solution for locating and capturing dollars for energy and water efficiency improvements. Combining the services provided by RealWinWin and Cadence Network results in an increased savings of time, dollars and natural resources not previously possible in the market."

RealWinWin, Inc. specializes in helping both income-producing and owner-occupied properties create value with efficiency with tools like Building Triage, NOI Builder, and Rebate Administration. Bringing the perspective that comes with 20 years in commercial real estate and 10 years in energy efficiency, Mark Jewell, founder and President of RealWinWin, is a national expert on the role of energy-efficiency economics in commercial real estate

Cadence Network Inc. ( delivers comprehensive utility, telecommunications and lease facility expense management to chain stores, multiple site businesses and government. The people, services and software of Cadence Network proactively enable business and government to gain control over electric, gas, water, waste, lease and telecommunications expenses by streamlining such services as invoice auditing and payment, rate analysis, and procurement. At work in over 200,000 locations nationwide, Cadence Network an EnergyStar Partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is a proud supporter of The Arbor Day Foundation.


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