JEA moves forward with customer service improvement project

Jacksonville, Florida's electric and water utility, JEA, has implemented a new customer care and billing system developed by SPL WorldGroup.

Dec. 17, 2003 -- Jacksonville, Florida's electric and water utility, JEA, has implemented a new customer care and billing system developed by SPL WorldGroup and has signed an agreement for ongoing system services and support.

In June, JEA inaugurated the new system, PeopleSoft® CIS,1 for billing 360,000 Jacksonville customers for electricity, water, and sewer services. The system offers JEA customers many benefits, including:

* A consolidated bill for all services, showing the total billed amount on the first page of the bill with sub-totals for each service provided.
* Bill messages triggered by account specifics.
* Clear summaries of monthly account activity.
* A choice of 20 possible monthly billing dates.
* New account numbers that help protect against identity theft.

"Our new computer billing system has made it easier for our customers and reduced the number of bills they receive each month, which has allowed us to make our internal billing process more efficient," said Jim Dickenson, JEA vice president of transformational projects.

The new system provides JEA more methods of identifying potential billing issues quickly, tracking types of customer issues for reconciliation, and identifying incorrect bills before they reach customers, said Dickenson.

In addition to the new system, JEA and SPL have also entered into a service agreement that gives JEA access to SPL's operational support staff for ongoing assistance including code maintenance and upgrade support for both the customer care application and the operating system. JEA also has the option to use SPL support to extend or add new functions to its system. That option will help JEA continue to meet the needs of the changing utility industry.

"We are fully committed to helping JEA continue its outstanding customer service record," said Dave Mulit, general manager of the Americas for SPL. "JEA's forward-looking IT strategy has received national recognition, and we are proud to be a partner in delivering its benefits to all the communities it serves."
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