Pennsylvania-American Water's H2O program assists over 5,000 individuals

Over 5,000 individuals statewide received financial assistance from Pennsylvania-American Water Company's Water's H2O - Help to Others Program during 1999-2000.

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 16, 2001 (PRNewswire) — Over 5,000 individuals statewide received financial assistance from Pennsylvania-American Water Company's Water's H2O - Help to Others Program during 1999-2000.

The H2O - Help to Others Program, which is administered by the $1 Energy Fund, offers grants to qualified customers, a 20 percent discount on the utility's monthly service charge, the installation of water-saving devices and information on how to use water more wisely. Up to $60,000 per year contributed by customers is matched, dollar for dollar, by Pennsylvania- American shareholders.

"Our customers and shareholders have been providing financial assistance to individuals and families in times of need for over a decade," said Robert M. Ross, PAWC president and CEO. "In fact, Pennsylvania-American is the only water utility in the Commonwealth that has partnered with the $1 Energy Fund to help customers receive water service during hard times." Senior citizens, single women who are heads of households, and others on fixed incomes are examples of customers who benefit from the H2O program.

"Our company is committed to providing high quality water and service to over two million people statewide. These men, women and children are our neighbors, and as a good neighbor ourself, PAWC is there to lend a hand of support. Water, after all, is a resource no one can live without," said Ross.

Customers who wish to contribute to the H2O - Help to Others Program can do so by simply adding a donation to their monthly water bill payment. PAWC customers who think that they might be eligible to receive assistance should contact $1 Energy, toll-free, at 1-888-282-6816 and speak to the H2O Program coordinator.

Assistance Provided by PAWC Customers and Shareholders to Financially-Troubled Customers in 1999-2000:

This list shows counties in Pennsylvania where PAWC customers are served, the amount of assistance grant provided, and how many households served. Please note that only grant assistance is reflected here; dollar amounts attached to PAWC's discount program are not available. However, 4,700 individuals participated in the discount program during 1999-2000.

* Allegheny — $40,910/229 grants provided

* Beaver — $1,450/6 grants provided

* Butler — $5,850/36 grants provided

* Centre — $260/2 grants provided

* Columbia — $790/5 grants provided

* Cumberland — $310/3 grants provided

* Fayette — $10,910/64 grants provided

* Indiana — $910/6 grants provided

* Jefferson — $940/5 grants provided

* Lackawanna — $2,240/9 grants provided

* Luzerne — $3,750/19 grants provided

* Lawrence — $29,570/175 grants provided

* Monroe — $1,300/4 grants provided

* Montgomery — $2,850/14 grants provided

* Northampton — $100/1 grant provided

* Northumberland — $100/1 grant provided

* Washington — $14,050/82 grants provided

* Warren — $1,360/8 grants provided

Total Grant Assistance — $118,620/676 total grants provided

Pennsylvania-American Water Company, a subsidiary of American Water Works Company (NYSE: AWK - news), is the largest regulated water company in the United States. The Company owns and operates 32 surface water filtration plants with a combined capacity of 332 million gallons of water per day. More than 7,700 miles of water transmission and distribution lines deliver high quality water to more than two million Pennsylvanians. American Water Works Company (NYSE: AWK - news) is the largest and most geographically diverse investor-owned water utility business in the United States. The Company's utility subsidiaries and affiliates now serve approximately 10 million people in 23 states.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania-American Water Company

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