WA wastewater treatment plant restored, achieves over $850K in savings

WA's Lakehaven Utility District recently completed upgrades at its Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant, with improvements generating more than $850,000 in energy and operational savings.

SEATTLE, WA, May 19, 2014 -- The Lakehaven Utility District, located in Federal Way, Wash., recently completed upgrades at its Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant, with improvements generating more than $850,000 in energy and operational savings. The project, which included $250,000 in annual operational revenue along with a one-time revenue grant of $602,000, delivered a positive cash flow return to the district in less than one year.

The Trane Energy Services group, a provider of indoor comfort solutions and services, provided performance contracting and project management for the renovation and will join the utility district and the Department of Energy Services in hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony for the upgraded plant on Tuesday, May 20, at 3:30 p.m. at the premises. The Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the cities of Federal Way and Des Moines as well as adjacent service areas.

The improvements at the Lakota facility were funded with a performance contract that allowed the district to use future energy and operational savings to finance infrastructure improvements up front. Performance contracting is a funding option that provides measurable organizational results to support strategic objectives.

The completed upgrades improve current process instability issues, reduce operations and maintenance costs, reduce power consumption, and offset capital repairs by three times as long as current conventional technology. They also allow for future biological nutrient removal air demand to be met for future nitrogen control.

Prior to implementing the improvements, the plant also depended upon outdated infrastructure systems which doubled the use of required horsepower in aeration equipment. These outdated systems made the plant reliant upon $500,000 in chemical-aided treatment to comply with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit limits.

Aware of the risks of potential plant failure while still facing fiscal challenges, Christ McCalib, wastewater operational manager for Lakehaven Utility District, accessed a performance contract through Trane and the State of Washington Design/Build Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program (ESPC), which is authorized under state law and managed by the State Department of Enterprise Services.

Through the ESPC Program, the district was able to fund the complete replacement and optimization of its secondary treatment system aeration at one time -- rather than over several years -- greatly reducing the risk of failure and compliance violations.

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About the Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant is the Lakehaven Utility District's largest treatment plant. The district encompasses an area of approximately 35 square miles with a service population of approximately 112,000 people. Seventy-five percent of the service is to single family residential dwellings, but in the past it has been up to 50 percent from commercial businesses and restaurants in this service area. The "treatment train” consists of manually cleaned bar screen, grit removal, comminutors, primary clarification, trickling filters, secondary clarification, and UV disinfection.

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