WaterBriefs: Microgy Inc. to develop waste-to-energy facility at Neb. beef plant

Also in this report: American Water's audit program goes 'hi-tech'; New energy investment to top $6 trillion over 20 years; Erosion control industry worth $2B; PACS courses set for San Jose, Pittsburgh; Jacobs to manage Calif. dept.'s central plant renovation; Met-Pro unit pulls in $600K order; ACS awarded SAP outsourcing deal; Telvent acquires rest of Miner & Miner; Sustainable water well report done; Ofwat reports on Severn Trent; R.W. Beck confirms growth in 'Alternative Project Delivery'...

In other news below:
-- American Water's audit program goes 'hi-tech'
-- Over $6 trillion to be invested in new energy facilities over 20 years
-- Erosion control industry revenue estimated at nearly $2 billion
-- PACS announces San Jose, Pittsburgh course schedule
-- Jacobs to manage Calif. General Services Dept.'s new central plant renovation
-- Met-Pro's Systems Division receives equipment order totaling $600,000
-- ACS awarded SAP outsourcing contract for TIC Holdings Inc.
-- Telvent acquires remaining stake in Miner & Miner
-- SafeNet, Digimarc's execs interviewed by SecurityStockWatch.com
-- Nanopore materials research shows potential for industrial water purification
-- Sustainable water well infrastructure report to be released
-- Ofwat publishes interim report on Severn Trent Water allegations
-- PWN Exhibicon International announces Project Libya - 2006
-- R.W. Beck confirms growth in water's 'Alternative Project Delivery'
-- Pentair execs present at Citigroup Global Industrial Manufacturing Conference

Environmental Power Corp.'s Microgy Inc. subsidiary agrees with Swift & Co. to develop waste-to-energy facility at Grand Island, Neb., beef plant -- Potential to expand partnership to eight beef, pork processing facilities nationwide -- PORTSMOUTH, NH, March 7, 2006 -- Environmental Power Corp.today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Microgy Inc. has entered into a letter of intent with Swift & Co., the world's second-largest processor of fresh beef and pork products.

The agreement provides that Microgy and Swift intend to construct a biogas production facility at Swift's Grand Island, Nebraska beef processing plant that will utilize Microgy's anaerobic digestion technology to extract methane-rich biogas from animal wastes, meat processing wastes and certain wastewater plant residual streams that would otherwise be landfilled or land applied. In addition to the initial biogas project in Grand Island, both parties will cooperate to identify, evaluate and develop projects at Swift's seven other beef and pork production facilities throughout North America.

Swift and Microgy intend to complete the negotiations for a long-term biogas purchase and supply commitment for the Grand Island processing plant as well as a long-term lease for the location of the biogas production facility to be owned and operated by Microgy. With respect to each additional project that the parties agree to develop, Microgy will provide all necessary designs and engineering to construct the biogas production facilities, and will own, operate and maintain the facilities.

Kam Tejwani, President and Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Power, commented, "We are truly excited about the opportunity to collaborate with a major, multinational firm such as Swift, to help them reduce costs and also make a positive impact on the environment in their communities through the construction and operation of major renewable energy projects within their plant network."

Sam Rovit, Swift president and CEO, commented, "Today's announcement reflects our commitment to operational excellence and to the environment as we pursue our vision of becoming the best red meat provider in the world. The Microgy facility is expected to deliver Swift a cost-effective source of fuel while simultaneously reducing the volume of plant processing byproducts."

Microgy president Randy Hull added, "We believe that there is the potential to recover energy values in excess of about 1,200,000 MMBTU's per year from multiple digesters within Swift's network of eight beef and pork processing plants and that this demonstrates the capability of anaerobic technology to generate significant amounts of energy from waste materials. That's equivalent to over 25,000 gallons per day of heating oil, and, as a result, projects like this have the potential to greatly reduce our dependence on imported hydrocarbons, whether they be oil or liquefied natural gas. We look forward to exceeding Swift's expectations with the initial project at their world class facility in Grand Island."

Environmental Power Corp. (www.environmentalpower.com) is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy production facilities. Its principal operating subsidiary, Microgy Inc., holds an exclusive license in North America for the development and deployment of a proprietary anaerobic digestion technology for the extraction of methane gas from animal wastes for its use to generate energy.

With nearly $10 billion in annual sales, Swift & Co. (www.swiftbrands.com) is the world's second-largest processor of fresh beef and pork. Founded in 1855 and headquartered in Greeley, CO, Swift processes, prepares, packages, markets, and delivers fresh, further processed and value-added beef and pork products to customers in the United States and international markets.

Among other recent headlines:

American Water's audit program goes 'hi-tech' -- VOORHEES, NJ, March 7, 2006 -- American Water, the largest water services provider in North America, announced the use of a secure, web-based audit tool for performing and tracking health, safety, security and environmental audits. The implementation of this technology will ensure facilities meet and comply with OSHA requirements and federal and state environmental regulations for drinking water and wastewater...

Over $6 trillion will be invested in new energy facilities over next 20 years -- NORTHFIELD, IL, March 7, 2006 --The era of cheap energy is over. As a result the yearly capital investment to provide the world's energy will average $304 billion per year over the next 20 years. This is the new forecast in the online continually updated "World Market for Your Products" report published by the McIlvaine Company. This will drive growth in a number of related vendor markets, including water and wastewater equipment and services...

Total annual revenues in erosion control industry estimated at less than $2 billion
DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 2006--Research and Markets has announced the addition of "Erosion Control - Industry Profile" to its offering of industry analyses. The erosion control industry includes manufacturers and distributors of erosion control products and contractors for erosion control services; total annual revenues aren't well-defined, but are probably less than $2 billion. All companies are privately held or are divisions of larger companies. Demand is driven by construction activity, especially of highways...
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PACS announces San Jose, Pittsburgh course schedule -- PITTSBURGH, March 7, 2006 -- Professional Analytical and Consulting Services has confirmed several short courses in April in San Jose, CA, and in June in Pittsburgh. This is on top of earlier announced events by PACS' Testing, Consulting and Training division in Orlando in March. Others will be announced as well as in other cities this spring and summer, including St. Louis in May. The courses cover chromatography/mass spectrometry, computational fluid dynamics, corrosion control, cooling water treatment as well as activated carbon adsorption principles...

Jacobs to manage new central plant renovation for California General Services Department -- PASADENA, CA, March 7, 2006 -- Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. announced today that a subsidiary company received a contract from the California Department of General Services to provide construction management services for a central plant renovation in downtown Sacramento, Calif. Officials estimate the project cost at $106 million.
The central plant provides heating, cooling, and compressed air service to 23 state office buildings in Sacramento and delivers steam and chilled water to buildings via a series of underground pipes, eliminating the need for individual heating and cooling systems at each building. The project involves a 25,000-square-foot renovation of the existing facility and a 25,000-square-foot expansion of the state's district heating and cooling plant, including chillers, boilers, pumps, piping, controls, cooling towers, thermal energy storage, and cogeneration...

Met-Pro's Systems Division receives equipment order totaling $600,000 -- HARLEYSVILLE, PA, March 7, 2006 -- Raymond J. De Hont, chairman and CEO of Met-Pro Corp., announced today that the company's Systems Division, in Kulpsville, PA, has received an order to supply a recuperative thermal oxidizer to be installed at a carbon fiber manufacturing facility in the U.S. Southeast for approximately $600,000. The custom-designed thermal oxidizer, which is expected to ship during the first half of the company's fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2007, will provide high destruction of volatile organic compounds from a 14,000 SCFM stream of exhaust. Proprietary Systems Division software will be utilized for the oxidizer's control system. Met-Pro will design, fabricate and start-up the system. Systems Division was selected to provide this equipment based on their extensive experience in treating volatile organic compounds and other atmospheric pollutants from a variety of industrial applications...

ACS awarded IT outsourcing contract providing SAP hosting for TIC Holdings Inc. -- DALLAS, March 7, 2006 -- Affiliated Computer Services Inc. announced that it has been awarded an information technology (IT) support contract with TIC Holdings Inc. (TICH). TICH is a holding company for a leading heavy industrial construction contractor and other related contractor companies. Under terms of the 39-month deal, ACS will provide a comprehensive SAP enterprise resource planning solution, including technology and infrastructure facilities, implementation, technical support and operations, network management, and help desk support services. With headquarters in Steamboat Springs, CO, TICH entities perform marine, pipeline, electrical, and water and wastewater facilities construction, as well as providing industrial plant maintenance services...

Telvent acquires remaining stake in Miner & Miner -- Houston, March 7, 2006 -- Telvent GIT S.A., a global real-time information technology company, announced Feb. 23 that it has acquired the remaining 30% of Miner and Miner Consulting Engineers Inc. that it did not already own. Madrid, Spain-based Telvent initially acquired 70% of the issued and outstanding shares of Miner & Miner in December 2004. Miner & Miner is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software for utilities, including water and wastewater services...
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SafeNet's CMO Ian Dix and Digimarc's CEO Bruce Davis interviewed by SecurityStockWatch.com -- RYE BROOK, NY, March 7, 2006 -- Many of the world's largest banks, such as Fifth Third, J.P. Morgan, and others, utilize our SONET, Ethernet, or other network encryptors to protect their SANS and BPO networks. These are among the topics discussed by Ian Edward Dix, Chief Marketing Officer at SafeNet on www.SecurityStockWatch.com. Meanwhile, Bruce Davis, CEO, Digimarc, talks about digital watermarking of drivers licenses and identification at critical infrastructure. SecurityStockWatch's Water Stock Research Report also analyzes over 70 companies...
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Research on nanopore materials shows potential for industrial photocatalysis applications -- HONOLULU, HI, March 7, 2006 -- A novel instrument for analyzing porous nanostructures will aid the improvement of photocatalysis, which is an important application in industry, for example for water or air purification. Titanium dioxide, or Titania (TiO2), appears to be the best material for photocatalysis applications. The photocatalytic activity of TiO2 depends among other things on the surface area of the catalyst and high photocatalytic activity is associated with high crystallinity and high surface area. Porous materials have an enhanced surface area compared to smooth ones and therefore would be better suited for photocatalytic processes. However, general synthetic techniques do not produce porous particles and researchers are looking to develop specific methods to synthesize porous materials...

Sustainable water well infrastructure expert panel report to be released -- TORONTO & KINGSTON, ON, Canada, March 7, 2006 -- The Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Inc. announced that it's hosting the release of the Sustainable Water Well Infrastructure Expert Panel report entitled: "Water Well Sustainability in Ontario" on March 9 at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The SWWI project was launched by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), to improve the sustainability of water well infrastructure in the province. The SWWI project's mandate was to investigate, plan and execute innovative approaches to well maintenance and monitoring in order to extend the integrity of water well infrastructure in Ontario. The report is comprehensive in its research, analysis and recommendations. The OCE was asked by the Province to assemble and support an independent, multidisciplinary expert panel to carry out the study. The SWWI panel and the program were launched in September 2003 at the Grand River Water Forum...

Ofwat publishes interim report into allegations against Severn Trent Water -- BIRMINGHAM, UK, March 7, 2006 -- The United Kingdom Office of Water (Ofwat) today published its interim report into allegations about false reporting of information by Severn Trent Water. The report sets out the regulator's interim findings into certain allegations made by an employee of Severn Trent Water, and the actions Ofwat will require the company to take. Ofwat's concerns about the reliability of leakage data are not covered in the report because this issue is currently being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Ofwat's investigation found that Severn Trent Water had provided regulatory data that was either deliberately miscalculated or poorly supported. This led to price limits being set for the water company that were higher than necessary...
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PWN Exhibicon International announces Project Libya - 2006 -- Event incorporates Infrastructure Libya Exhibition, Energy Libya Exhibition, and U.S. - Libya Oil & Gas and Energy Exhibition, under patronage of Dr. Aisha Muammar Al-Qathafi, general secretary of the Wa'attassemo Foundation -- WESTPORT, CT, March 6, 2006 -- With the re-opening of the Libyan economy to the U.S. energy community and the widely anticipated multi-billion dollar investment in oil and gas infrastructure, the U.S. Department of Commerce has granted Trade Fair Certification for the first official U.S. - Libya Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition and the U.S. Pavilion at the Infrastructure Libya Exhibition. USDOC has stated it believes the exhibitions will be an excellent opportunity for U.S. companies to showcase their products and services. PWN Exhibicon International LLC, the company that organized the first exhibitions authorized by the United States Government for U.S. companies in the former U.S.S.R., in China and recently Cuba has announced that Project Libya - 2006 incorporating the three exhibitions will be held in Tripoli, Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, from Dec. 4-7 at the Tripoli International Fairgrounds...

R.W. Beck confirms growth in water's Alternative Project Delivery -- BOSTON, March 3, 2006 -- Management consulting and engineering firm R.W. Beck Inc., responding to the need in the marketplace for data regarding use of Alternative Project Delivery to construct water and wastewater facilities, recently completed a nationwide survey confirming that more than half of the larger U.S. water and wastewater utilities have used some form of this to successfully complete capital projects. Utilities reported major drivers for switching to alternative delivery were time savings and reducing the problems associated with traditionally bid projects. Utility owners were also generous with advice about how to assure success for such projects, suggesting the need for: 1) strong internal advocacy, 2) clear definition of expected outcomes, and 3) considering project risks thoughtfully and assigning them appropriately...
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Pentair executives present at 19th Annual Citigroup Global Industrial Manufacturing Conference -- GOLDEN VALLEY, MN, March 3, 2006 -- Pentair Inc. today announced that Randall J. Hogan, Pentair chairman and CEO, and David D. Harrison, executive vice president and CFO, were to present at the 19th Annual Citigroup Global Industrial Manufacturing Conference in New York, NY on March 7. The audio portion of the presentation is being web cast and can be accessed at: www.veracast.com/webcasts/citigroup/im2006/14102171.cfm. A copy of the conference presentation will be archived on Pentair's web site at www.pentair.comunder the "Financial Information" page...


In earlier newsbriefs, see: "WaterBriefs: Calgary water unit goes live with SPL enterprise software" -- Also in this report (March 7, 2006): Liqui-Cel system installed in major Japanese electronics plant; Hach issued patent for water distribution monitoring technology; Dow announces global price increase for ion exchange resins; Stormwater360 donates $50,000 to environmental groups; MWH awarded contract with Nevada wastewater authority; SDWA wall chart now available from HDR Inc.; Rotork's EH Actuators installed at Ohio water treatment plant; Springfield, Mass., purchases CarteGraph asset software; Severn Trent Services wins contract for two British soft drink plants...


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