Itron launches meter data management software

Central repository simplifies meter data management and streamlines data access to support wide range of utility business applications...

SPOKANE, WA, Oct. 7, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Itron Inc. has released for commercial availability its Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management software.

Enterprise Edition's open architecture enables utilities to deploy a single meter data management tool to support all types of metering-based data -- interval, register, and event data -- collected from residential, as well as commercial and industrial customer segments.

The software was designed to solve a key business challenge facing utilities by eliminating many of the inefficiencies and integration difficulties that arise from operating and maintaining multiple meter data collection systems.

With its multi-vendor, multi-technology architecture, utilities can consolidate meter data management on a single platform. In addition, the software's innovative use of application programming interfaces (APIs) enables utilities to provide easy access to metering-based data throughout the enterprise to support a wide range of value-added applications beyond monthly customer billing.

The data management system draws on the company's experience with traditional and advanced meter reading technologies, to deliver the four key attributes of centralized meter data management: reliability, accessibility, security and consistency:
* Reliability -- relies on the Itron EE platform for permanent configuration data storage, meter data storage and event normalization and storage;
* Accessibility -- provides access to users and external systems using packaged reports, APIs and query tools;
* Security -- secured user access provides an auditable trail of all meter data change tracking and version control;
* Consistency -- performs consistent aggregations, calculations on interval data, synchronizes customer, account and meter attributes with other business systems as real-time transactions.

"With Itron's Meter Data Management solution in place, the collection, processing and synchronization of data with utilities' other business systems is greatly simplified," said Philip Mezey, vice president of Itron's software solutions group. "Enterprise Edition increases the quality of data by operating a single, central repository instead of separate inconsistently managed systems, enabling utilities to streamline operations, greatly reduce IT support requirements associated with metering systems, and leverage the value of metering data across the enterprise."

About Itron
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