Editorial Letter: Shake Things Up

Aug. 2, 2021

This editorial letter originally appeared in August WQP 2021 issue as "Shake Things Up" 

About the author:

Lauren Del Ciello is managing editor for WQP. Del Ciello can be reached at [email protected].


Hello, readers. If you’re a long-time reader of Water Quality Products (WQP) then you may find our annual Buyer’s Guide to look a bit different this year. The annual Buyer’s Guide issue offers a comprehensive resource to connect you with products, services and solution providers that can help inform you and your business, though this year we are making a fresh start.

In early 2021, we asked those listed in the Buyer’s Guide to update and audit their online listings. We pulled those updated listings and essentially started from scratch, reviewing each listing carefully to ensure accuracy. Decades of information were previously on display and we wanted to ensure clarity, because at the end of the day our mission is to be a comprehensive resource and guide to help you excel in your vital work. Now, you can comb through this resource with the confidence that the solution providers listed here are tried-and-true, thoroughly vetted, and ready to answer your inquiries.

While the Buyer’s Guide directories are pared-down, you will find the same categories as past years to guide your search. Inside this issue, you’ll find an alphabetical listing of suppliers with their contact information, as well as a directory listing companies by product category. Product Portfolios and Product Highlights offer additional in-depth information updating you on the latest products and services in the industry. This year, we’re also including several educational features, as well, so you can stay ahead on the latest business trends in the same issue as our annual Buyer’s Guide.

If you want to ensure your business is listed in future editions of the WQP Buyer’s Guide, I encourage you to please view, update or create your company listing at https://buyersguide.scrantongillette.com. Listings created or updated August 2021 to early 2022 will be referenced in future editions. Updating your listing is extremely vital to ensure we are representing the best possible information.

Finally, we want your feedback. Yes, YOU, our valuable readers. You know we are always looking to shake things up, but it is so essential to myself and WQP that we are curating the information you need to excel in the format that works best for you and your business. Please take our brief, five-question survey on WQP Buyer’s Guide preferences at bit.ly/WQPBG2021. Let us know what you need and we’ll meet you there. We’re also raffling off a few WQP Yeti tumblers to survey respondents, if that sweetens the pot for you!

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