Dealer of the Month: NH WaterCare Corp.

May 27, 2021

A fourth-generation family-owned business has a mission to educate. 


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Seeking Change

Located in Milford, New Hampshire, NH WaterCare Corp. began as a small supply shop for portable exchange tanks and supplies in 1980. 

Matthew Griffin is the current owner and manager of the business. 

Previously, Matt worked on the commercial side of a national company for about 10 years prior to purchasing NH WaterCare Corp. According to him, the environment was rather corporate and structured. He was looking for a way to pursue something different and more suited to his needs.

After connecting with a retiring professional in the industry, Matt bought the business from him in 2001. 

For about 10 years, Matt ran the business with the help of part-time help. He bought the location and opened up a retail store, hiring full-time employees once the business began to take off and gain momentum.

The company now has four service technicians/installers. Lauren, Matt’s daughter, works in business development and sales and marketing. In total, there are seven employees helping the business run smoothly.  

Today, the business has grown into a global water treatment company. NH WaterCare Corp. is part of the family of WaterCare dealers offering people in 35 states assistance with their water quality needs for home and commercial applications. Since 1946, WaterCare has been based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and is now a fourth generation family-owned business.

Well, Well, Well

Approximately 75% of the business’ efforts focus on well water applications, the rest being municipal applications. 

NH WaterCare Corp. mainly treats residential water, as the business is located in a more rural area and has served areas such as Manchester, Salem and Londonderry area homes since its creation. 

“I think people are more interested in their water quality now than they were 20 years ago,” Matt said, attributing this piquing interest to the internet and its accessible information at the hands of consumers. 

According to him, back in his day, testing water was only commonplace if a mortgage company made a new homeowner test. Now, people are exercising their curiosity and taking initiative.

People are more in tune with water quality issues and the health related aspects of the industry, according to Matt’s observations of the industry over time. 

“In general, the younger generations are more concerned about water,” Matt said, which motivates the team to stay on top educating customers about water quality. 

Having Class & Staying Ahead

Educating the customer is key for NH WaterCare Corp. Though the internet is a tool for people like Matt and his staff, it simply does not match the care and concern a human being can apply to a water quality application situation. 

There is always the chance customers will stumble across misinformation as they peruse the web, so it is one of NH WaterCare’s missions to educate and inform as effectively as possible, whether it be online or in real life.

In order to combat this, the business has educational classes at least once a month. More of an informal get together, the company brings in people homeowners, plumbers or real estate agents. At the educational classes, videos are shown to understand well water and other basic concepts relevant to the industry, and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. These events are well-attended and bring together professionals in the local community. 

NH WaterCare’s website also features blog posts and how-to videos, which act as educational resources for industry professionals and customers alike. A recent post on the site outlines what nitrates are, for instance, and how they affect drinking water.

The company is affiliated with the Water Quality Association and the Better Business Bureau, earning the distinction of having achieved a "perfect record" as a member of the Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire with the “Torch Award.” A perfect record is defined as member company that for a period of no less than 36 months has had no complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau. 

It Runs in the Family

Lauren, Matt’s daughter, has been with NH WaterCare Corp. for about two years. 

She was excited to start working with her father and NH WaterCare Corp. because of the quality of care, which starts in the office and then trickles all the way down to the customers.  Observing her dad take the lead in customer service has constantly been a learning opportunity for Lauren.

She saw the business transition from using paper filing for everything to using a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This shift allows NH WaterCare Corp. to access customers' files, notify customers when they are on the way, and much more. This process has simplified communication between customers and the business tremendously, making it easier to schedule and reschedule visits and repairs accordingly. 

“I have seen with my own eyes, a customer or two who were concerned about drinking their water, as this was their first time with a well, and they wanted to purchase everything under the sun because it made them feel like it would help their water,” said Lauren. “[My dad] showed them they did not need to purchase those. Everything they needed to take care of would be taken care of with just one unit.” 

The goal is for the business to continue to stay in the family, with Lauren perhaps being slated to take over someday.

Regardless of the uncertainty of the future, it remains essential for the NH WaterCare Corp. staff to continue goal-setting and facilitating a work environment that everyone can be proud of. 

“Our success comes from honesty and integrity in our work,” Matt said. “We try to educate the customer a lot about what they’re purchasing. Plus, the education of other businesses also drives a lot of business.” 

The business’ goals? 

“To stay in business,” added Matt.

About the Author

Cristina Tuser

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