In the Spirit of Education

Nov. 30, 2006

Similar to other industries, education for water professionals is an ongoing process. From advancing with the Water Quality Association’s certification exams to building hands-on experience in the field, to attending various educational sessions—education takes many years, a lot of hard work and dedication.

The word education is derived from the Latin “educare” meaning to raise, to bring up, to train, and while educational tools come in different forms, their purpose is always to encourage and enable individuals to fully develop their potentials.

In the spirit of education, the editorial staff of Water Quality Products is delighted to bring you the first 2006-2007 Reference Guide.

The purpose of WQP’s Reference Guide is to equip today’s water treatment professionals with an essential information resource right at their fingertips.

Although we love the presence of a tabloid-size publication, WQP also understands the value of delivering this guide in a standard-size format that is easy to read, store and transport.

Within the pages of this comprehensive guide, you will find various feature stories covering helpful topics such as contaminant removal and water treatment solutions, water analysis, standards and product certification.

Because WQP understands that actual examples sometimes offer the best means of education, this Reference Guide also contains three case studies featuring hands-on examples of water problems and applicable solutions.

Furthermore, we have included a section focusing on bottled water. While bottled water represents a niche within the market WQP serves, we realize the importance of offering our readers a well-rounded resource.

In addition, no guide is complete without our readers’ favorite monthly columns—sales, finance and association forums—and this Reference Guide features all of them. Offering a variety of tips that can help grow your business and covering important industry issues, these columns are a must-read for all water professionals.

For those of you looking for new products, accessories and equipment, browsing WQP’s Product Guide section is a breeze. This section showcases more than 30 new water treatment product listings in an easy-to-read format.

This issue also offers the Top 10 Products of the year, featuring the products that generated the largest number of inquiries from our readers in the last year.

The staff of WQP wishes you a prosperous new year and hopes this guide will offer you essential technical and overall industry information to further support the spirit of education.

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