The O-Zone: Are You an O-Zone Technician?

Aug. 18, 2003
Tech Workshop

About the author: Roger Nathanson is president of Ozone Pure Water, Inc., Sarasota, Fla. His background includes mechanical engineering, plumbing/pipe fitting, swimming pool remodeling/repair, sales and marketing. Ozone Pure Water has been a full service ozone/water treatment supplier since 1980. Nathanson can be contacted at 800-633-8469 or 941-923-8528; [email protected];

We will now wrap up The O-Zone Tech Workshop with an ozone quiz. This will be a good chance for you to determine if what has been given has made it into your memory banks or reference library.

Your award for answering correctly and submitting the completed quiz will be national recognition. Your name will be posted in a subsequent issue of Water Quality Products as an "O-zone Technician," and the first person with all of the correct answers will win a prize.

How to Submit Your Answers

Send the answers to us via fax, snail mail or email. Submissions will be graded four weeks after the mailing of this issue of WQP. The first 20 quizzes with the most correctly answered questions will be eligible for publication and national recognition. They will be graded in random order.

Fax: 941-923-8231

E-mail: [email protected]

Snail Mail: O-Zone Technician Quiz, 5330 Ashton Ct., Sarasota, FL 34233.

The following company information must accompany your quiz or your entry will be disqualified.

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Answers will be available at once all of the entries are graded.

Hint: The answers to each of these questions can be found in the previous "The O-Zone" columns (beginning October 2002), which can be found in the archives at


1. Name three sizing parameters for ozone bottled water systems.

2. Name four purposes for ozonating bottle water.

3. In relation to ozone's oxidation efficiency, which type of system is more efficient: Atmospheric or under pressure ozonation?

4. Are all contaminates oxidized with the same ozone dosage?

5. What are the easiest well water problems to eliminate using ozone systems?

6. What are the "big three" factors when properly sizing an ozone well water treatment system?

7. Does ozone require a detectable residual in order to oxidize iron, sulfur and/or manganese?

8. List three main advantages of using ozone systems for well water treatment.

9. Give two advantages ozone systems have over air injection systems.

10. What are the three steps that best describe the ozone process?

11. When on a sales call and presenting an ozone system, what are you really selling?

12. If you don't close (ask for the order), what are you really?

13. What is the first thing to establish before deciding where to put the ozone injection location?

14. How much more ozone is injected when using an Ozone Pump rather than a Venturi?

15. What are the two Venturi sizing criteria?

16. The mechanical media of choice for an ozone system should have what four attributes?

17. What are the three filter sizing parameters?

18. When troubleshooting, why would you test the water immediately after filtration, rather than in the house?

19. Why is testing for ozone residual not a practical method for troubleshooting a residential well ozone system?

20. What are three attributes to proper troubleshooting techniques?

21. List six problems associated with filtration.

22. What is the purpose of the air dryer for ozone units?

23. Name the four reasons that indicate a dryer should be used on a certain application.

24. How do you know if your air dryer is working properly?

25. The application of ozone dosage breaks down into two main categories, which are...?

26. What are the three criteria that determine ozone dosage?

27. What does Simple Oxidation (SO) pertain to?

28. What care must be taken when sizing ozonators (list 4)?

29. What is the "rule of thumb" for being in contact with or breathing ozone gas?

30. How can one prevent ozone from becoming an irritant or pollutant?

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About the Author

Roger Nathanson

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