What's in That Water?

March 30, 2004
Water tests and analytical equipment

Never has water testing been so important. Local newspaper articles and other media outlets force consumers to be more aware of their water and, therefore, may convince them have their water tested. New and changing MCLs also drive the need to test water. Water testing can be used to pinpoint a customer’s water problem as well as to strengthen the customer relationship by supplying third-party test results the customer can trust.

The following are several types of products available for your diverse needs.

Customized Demo Kits

These in-home demo kits from Pro Products LLC offer tests ranging from simple water hardness test kits to complete in-home demonstration kits. No matter what your needs are, the company can design a special demo kit for you. You can show your customers why they need conditioned water with demo kits and Spectrum Labs-brand test kits. These specially created kits arm you with what you need to support your water treatment sales goals.

Feed Water Testing for C&I Applications

This testing package from National Testing Laboratories, Ltd., originally was designed to test feed water going into reverse osmosis systems to prevent failures. Test parameters also make it suitable for testing water used in car washes, cooling towers, boilers and restaurants. Checked contaminants include calcium carbonates, sulfates, barium and silica.

Protect RO Membranes

HI 95762 free chlorine photometers from Hanna Instruments will help protect reverse osmosis membranes. Ideal for drinking water applications, these photometers have a measurement range of 0.000 to 0.500 mg/L. The auto-diagnostic, splashproof, portable meter features an advanced optical system based on a special tungsten lamp and a narrow-band interference filter that allows accurate and repeatable readings.

Municipal Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Free Chlorine Water Check test strips from Industrial Test Systems, Inc. offer regulatory compliance monitoring for municipalities. The test strip received recommendation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for drinking water compliance monitoring. EPA’s proposal will be made in an upcoming rulemaking that will be published in the Federal Register. Per the proposal, Free Chlorine Water Check will be treated as equivalent to other free chlorine test kits, meaning that states will have discretion to approve their use per authority at 40 CFR 141.74 (a)(2) in regulatory monitoring.

Softener Performance Check

Insta-Test low range hardness test strips from LaMotte Co. give you the opportunity to check the performance of a softener in the range of 0–180 ppm as well as provide a one-step test procedure to quickly provide a water hardness profile. Laminated color charts with five precise increments of 0, 30, 60, 120 and 180 ppm are printed for each batch of strips, resulting in more accurate color matches.

Detect Residual Chlorine

The Gastec Free Residual Chlorine Detector Tube No. 222 from Nextteq LLC (write in 1195) can measure residual chlorine from 0.1 to 10 ppm. The system is easy to use by breaking off both ends of the tube and immersing the tube vertically into a sample liquid. A quantitative length-of-stain color change is produced and is read like a thermometer. A calibration scale is printed on each tube, providing accurate on-site results.

Meet Many Needs With One Line

The Ultrameter Series from Myron L Co. (write in 1196) offers a variety of features to meet various needs in many metering applications. The Model 3P measures pH, ORP and temperature; the Model 4P measures conductivity, TDS, resistivity and temperature; and the Model 6P measures all the parameters of the other two meters.

Private Label Organophosphate Test Kit

The Private Label OrganoPhosphate Test Kit II from World Environment Technologies, Inc. (write in 1197) is designed specifically for water treatment dealers. Dealers will not have to check pH repeatedly during testing, making testing for organophosphates easier and less time consuming.

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