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May 30, 2007

About the author: Michael Kohlmann is product marketing manager for Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc., Process Instruments. He can be reached at 215.646.7400, ext. 2520, or by e-mail at [email protected].

Flowmeters play an important role in irrigation management.

The necessary flow measurement accuracy depends on the specific application requirements. For example, high accuracy measurements are important for financial transactions.

Many crops are grown under warm temperature conditions that require extensive use of irrigation to ensure an optimum harvest. Because water is a scarce resource, it is essential to measure and control the water consumption efficiently to ensure correct billing and offer farmers equal terms.

Evaluation and selection of flow measurement equipment depends on the following factors:

  • Pipe size, material, physical orientation and available space
  • Cost of purchase, installation and maintenance
  • Product delivery
  • Availability of power and communications
  • Fluid type and cleanliness
  • Fluid properties such as pressure, temperature and corrosion

The new battery-operated electronic MAG 8000 flowmeter from Siemens offers a solution for irrigation applications. Developed to optimize water supply in applications like water distribution, revenue and irrigation, the meter offers leakage detection and ensures correct billing, making it an important tool in the national irrigation water management to conserve water and prevent draining of rivers and streams.

Long-Term Performance

Being an obstruction-free meter, the MAG 8000 ensures high measurement accuracy even under harsh conditions. It has no moving parts that wear and tear, and is resistant to solids and debris in the water. Additionally, with a battery operation time of up to six years, the MAG 8000 offers low operating costs.

Increasingly meters are being installed to reduce leakage. To visualize leakage in the distribution network, the monitoring usually takes place at night when water consumption is low. As a bidirectional water meter that can measure flow in both directions with high accuracy, the MAG 8000 is an ideal meter for leakage monitoring, and its repeatability ensures that only real flow changes over time are displayed.

Easy Installation

Because it is battery-operated, the MAG 8000 is a battery-operated water meter delivers accurate measurement and long lasting operation. It can be installed everywhere and is specially designed to comply with narrow installation conditions with minimal inlet and outlet requirements. It has a stainless steel IP68/NEMA 6 enclosure, which allows installation in places where flooding can occur. It can even be installed below surface and the sensor can be buried, resulting in low installation costs. Additionally, the hidden installation prevents the meter box from being hit by cars or agricultural machines and minimizes the possibility of vandalism and thefts.

Revenue Metering

The MAG 8000 is a reliable water meter for district network monitoring and revenue metering. It features functions to visualize consumption for customer service and with its built-in data logger, it can record system data for up to 26 months and register alarms on too low or too high consumptions to ensure optimal water use.


Accurate quantification of crop water demand and supply can conserve water, save time and labor, and minimize stress-related yield loss.

Flowmetering is essential because it allows growers/farmers to document water use and adjust future irrigations. It also provides accurate means of quantifying the success of water conservation when best management practices such as improved water delivery or improved irrigation scheduling are implemented.

Product Features

sensor size: DN 25 to 600/1 to 24 in. with DIN 1092-1, ANSI 16.5 and AS4087 flanges
transmitter: Integral on sensor (compact)
enclosure: IP 68/NEMA 6
display: Graphical display with touch keypad
output: Two individual configurable outputs for pulse net flow or alarm/call up
communication: RS 232/485 modules with MODBUS RTU protocol
power supply: Main power supply and internal battery backup

  • Six years battery operation time (up to 10 years with external back-up battery)
  • Three totalizers, including customer reset table totalizer and date of change
  • Data logger with consumption logging up to 26 months data and alarm on too low and too high consumption
  • Call-up function
  • Tamper protection with fast indication on manipulation
  • Real time clock and data back up
  • Application identifier
  • Password and tamper protection with fast indication on manipulation
  • Diagnostic for optimal operation
  • Power management for optimal operation
  • Real-time clock and date
  • Automated data backup

type approval: OIML R49
accuracy: ±0.2%, +2mm/s, or ±0.4% +2m/s configuration tool: Siemens PDM and flow tool software

About the Author

Michael Kohlmann

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