Turning Objections Around

June 1, 2010
Objections that can be overcome to make a sale

About the author: Carl Davidson is president of Sales And Management Solutions, Inc., a New York-based company that specializes in live and video training, coaching, recruiting and lead generation for the water equipment industry. To see a list of products and free sales training videos, visit www.carldavidson.com or call 716.580.3384.

In today’s economy, it is harder than ever to get appointments with people who actually have the money or credit to buy water equipment. That is why it is a shame to see salespeople who do not try as hard as they can to get the sales from these golden opportunities. This article is taken from coaching calls I performed for clients and actual sales situations and objections that came up around the country.

Objection 1: We’re Happy With the Taste of Our Tap Water

A good salesperson told me he gave up when he got this response. He said, “If they like the taste, what can you do?” When I asked if the salesperson did a taste test, I was told he did not bother. If the customer says he or she is happy with the taste of the water, the only way to get a sale is to make customers realize they are not happy. The taste test does this. If you do not use the taste test now, try this and you will see how powerful it is.

Take a cup of reverse osmosis (RO) water and give it to each member of the family. Explain that you are doing a taste test, similar to the way people taste fine wine. Ask them each to swish some water around in their mouths and spit it out. Then, ask them to do it again. Fill their cups with tap water and ask them to taste it.

Because they have cleansed their palates, the chlorine taste and odor will be very strong. Many people will not even drink their tap water. Of those who do, half spit it out and tell you their water tastes horrible. Now you are ready to close. If you don’t use this test, you will have a hard time getting past the common objection that the water tastes satisfactory.

Objection 2: We’re Happy With the Water We Buy

In another coaching call, a salesperson gave up when the couple said they were happy with the water they buy.

When this happens, it is important to find out how much they spend on bottled water. If it is anywhere near the monthly cost for RO, they can be sold. Most ROs finance for about $30 per month and most families spend close to that on bottled water. This means they can own an RO system with all its advantages for what they spend now on bottled water.

Also, ask if they cook with bottled water. Most families do not. Ask, “Does it make sense to cook your coffee, noodles or potatoes in water you don’t consider good enough to drink?” Most families will agree it doesn’t, and this makes the RO very desirable.

Objection 3: We Have an 8-Year-Old Softener That Works Well

When you come to a home with an older softener, be sure you see comments like this as the beginning of the sale and not the end. Most 8-year-old softeners do not have carbon. They soften but do not remove chlorine. This is where to begin explaining the damage chlorine does to hair, the problems of having chlorine in your pores after a shower, etc.

Remember that our equipment is like other appliances. New models come out with improvements that make them worth buying. In hard water areas, a customer may be able to save enough in salt savings to buy new equipment. Maybe the newer models have less repair problems or have other features that will make people want
to upgrade.

Do you think you can go to a car dealership with an 8-year-old car and have the salesperson feel bad that there is no sale to be made? We need to convince ourselves that if the equipment is not new, it needs to be replaced.

Objection 4: We Cannot Afford Water Equipment Right Now

Many customers give us delays like this. Some salespeople give up. Others take an approach like, “When times are tough, it is more important than ever to save money. You told me you are spending $120 per month on bottled water and cleaning products because you have hard water. All the equipment we talked about tonight is only $100 per month. Let’s start saving you money right now.”

Demo Investment

These are just a few examples. The important point is that it costs most dealers between $200 and $400 in advertising interest and overhead to get you into a home to do a demo. To sell more, you need to remember that you have a lot of money and time invested in getting into homes to do demonstrations.

When you arrive, do not give up at the first sign of a “No” from the customer. Practice ways to turn the objections around. The time you spend practicing will pay dividends and increase your sales dramatically.

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Carl Davidson

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