Introducing Augmented Reality

July 10, 2017

About the author: Kate Ferguson, editor-in-chief, [email protected]

Technology today seems to develop at the speed of light, and WQP strives to keep up in order to deliver informative, relevant content to our readers in new ways. That’s why we’re excited to announce a feature that will allow you to bring the pages of WQP to life using your smart device: augmented reality.

Augmented reality is becoming a “buzzword” across many industries, helped in no small part by Apple, which announced in June the launch of its ARKit, a set of tools designed to help developers create augmented reality apps. It’s a sure sign that the technology is growing in popularity, with many companies looking to add augmented reality to their repertoires.

There are already plenty of apps out there using augmented reality, so you may have already come across it in your everyday life. Did you or your kids or grandkids get caught up in the Pokémon Go craze? If so, you have already used augmented reality.

While Pokémon Go might be the most famous example, augmented reality is more than just a fad and more than just gaming—many companies are getting into the augmented reality action. Apps like Houzz allow you to use augmented reality to see how furniture will look in your home. It has even extended to snacks—at a Cubs game a few weeks ago, the prize in my bag of Cracker Jacks included an augmented reality option.

In WQP, we’ll be using augmented reality to bring you videos, webinars, photo slide shows and more to enhance the articles and advertisements throughout the magazine. It’s easy to use. Simply download the Blippar app from the App Store or Google Play, then look for the Blippar logo on the pages of WQP. Open the app, hover your smartphone or tablet over the page, and watch the page come to life. Try it on this page and watch what happens. See you on the Blipp side!

About the Author

Kate Ferguson

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