De Nora & Aclarity Sign Agreement to Deploy PFAS-Eliminating Technology

Dec. 14, 2022
The MOU will involve product collaboration from both companies with a goal of propelling PFAS destruction in groundwater globally.

Connected by a commitment to protect global health through innovative water treatment solutions, De Nora signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with venture capital backed water technology company Aclarity, Inc. that will target treating harmful contaminants, such as per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), in water at industrial scale. The MOU combines Aclarity's PFAS destruction technology with the De Nora SORB™ FX product line to quickly and safely eliminate PFAS in groundwater.

“De Nora is committed to contributing concretely to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda,” said De Nora Water Technologies General Manager Daryl Weatherup. “While looking for partners, we seek like-minded organizations that are driving change. Aclarity embodies that notion, and their PFAS destruction technology is an exciting development in the fight against PFAS.” 

Nearly all industries around the globe, including water, are impacted by PFAS contamination. Leading research organizations forecast a multi-billion dollar market opportunity by 2030*. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates more than 10,000 known chemical substances containing PFAS, establishing preliminary advisory levels that will eventually transition to federal law. Under the terms of the MOU, De Nora and Aclarity have agreed to pilot novel water treatment applications with concentration and destruction steps for PFAS and other contaminants of emerging concern in groundwater, where 98 percent of the Earth’s available freshwater can be found.

“PFAS contamination in groundwater is a great concern across the globe,” stated Aclarity CEO Julie Bliss Mullen. “Partnering with De Nora is a tremendous milestone, as we are both focused on delivering sustainable water treatment solutions that can solve this worldwide problem. We destroy PFAS forever™, and together, will make groundwater safe to drink once again.” 

MOU was signed by Daryl Weatherup, General Manager, De Nora Water Technologies and Julie Bliss Mullen, CEO, Aclarity in October of 2022.

*Source BlueTech Research, 2021

About De Nora

Industrie De Nora is an Italian multinational company listed on the Euronext Milan stock exchange, specializing in electrochemistry, a leader in sustainable technologies, and has a vital role in the industrial green hydrogen production chain. The Company has a portfolio of products and systems to optimize the energy efficiency of critical industrial electrochemical processes and a range of products and solutions for water treatment. Globally, Industrie De Nora is the world's largest supplier of activated electrodes (serving a broad portfolio of customers operating in the fields of chlorine & caustic soda production, components for electronics, and non-ferrous metal refining). Industrie De Nora is also among the world's leading suppliers of water filtration and disinfection technologies (for the industrial, municipal, and marine sectors) and the world's leading swimming pool disinfection components supplier. Leveraging its well-established electrochemical knowledge, proven manufacturing capability, and a supply chain established over the years, the Company has developed and qualified a portfolio of electrodes and components to produce hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, which is critical for the energy transition. Founded in 1923, Industrie De Nora had total revenues of €616 million and EBITDA of €127 million in 2021. The Company's growth process has developed organically, through continued penetration of new markets and applications, and through acquisitions in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. De Nora’s continuous innovation drives its growth represented by its evolving intellectual property portfolio, which currently includes more than 260 patent families with more than 2,600 territorial extensions. The Company's portfolio includes a stake (about 34 percent) in the thyssenkrupp nucera joint venture, a world-leading engineering company in chlorine production and water electrolysis plants to produce hydrogen. The De Nora family controls the Group, which owns approximately 55 percent of the Company’s share capital. Snam S.p.A. is a minority shareholder with about 26 percent of the capital.

About Aclarity

Aclarity is a venture capital backed, woman owned and founded water technology company based in Massachusetts. Aclarity’s low energy electrochemical system quickly and safely destroys harmful contaminants in water at the industrial scale in landfill leachate and other concentrated PFAS streams.

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