Rusco introduces new water filters for residential, commercial use

May 22, 2023
Rusco introduced a new line of Big Filters offer whole-house filtration according to various needs, as well as a range of replacement filter cartridges.

Rusco, a water filtration solutions provider, has announced the release of new whole-house water filters for residential and commercial use.

The company, which initially offered Spindown Sediment Filters, now offers Big Filters and a complete line of filtration media for various filtration needs.

Rusco's water filtration systems are engineered to minimize sediments such as sand, silt, scale, and rust particles that can damage plumbing and appliances, clog pipelines, and affect water's taste, smell, and color.

Rusco's Big Filters are compatible with most 10”x4.5” & 20”x4.5” filter cartridges. The filters have a pressure release button and come in 3/4" and 1" inlet/outlet sizes with stainless steel or plastic inserts. Rusco Big Filters provide filtration for whole-house use, catering to various filtration needs.

"Water filtration is essential for protecting public health and ensuring access to safe drinking water,” said Michael Klump, president of Rusco. “Our filters are engineered to minimize sediments, which can cause plumbing damage and affect water quality."

The company also now offers a range of replacement filter cartridges designed to fit most competitors' housings. The replacement cartridges come in four different filter media options, including Melt Blown, Pleated, String, and Activated Carbon.

Melt Blown filters are made of 3-4 layers of various pore sizes, offering more dirt-holding capacity than pleated filters. They are excellent at removing silt, oil, grease, dirt, rust/iron, and particulates. Activated Carbon filters use absorption to remove impurities such as organic compounds, taste, odor, and chemicals from water. They have the highest surface area of any filter, making them efficient at removing pollutants. String wound cartridges are commonly used for sediment filtration, reducing sand, silt, scale, and rust particles. Pleated filters have a high surface area, which makes them suitable for removing suspended solids and resistant to chemicals and bacterial growth.

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