Jump Start Your Career in the Water Industry

Aug. 3, 2016
To achieve its plan to double the Company’s reach, Evoqua is looking to add to its team and ensure it continues to have the best talent the industry. More

In order to achieve its growth plan of doubling the reach of its businesses, Evoqua Water Technologies is looking to add to its team and ensure it continues to have the best talent in the water industry. Evoqua is looking for action-oriented individuals to contribute their expertise to Evoqua’s global purpose: Transforming Water. Enriching Life. To ensure it accelerates its growth, Evoqua is currently seeking more than 300 high-performing people across various career areas and geographies ranging from technical engineering to sales to service. Anthony Webster, Chief Human Resources Officer of Evoqua, discusses what it takes to be part of the Evoqua team and what the organization is looking for as it pursues its growth program.

What are your Talent objectives for Evoqua’s expansion?

ANTHONY WEBSTER: We begin with the premise that our employees are the drivers of our growth. We know we have a clear strategy in place; now we need to add to our talented team and accelerate our growth.

With more than 300 career opportunities available, we plan to continue to expand and strengthen relationships with customers, discover new innovative solutions, and advance our overall expertise as a company. As our organization grows, transforms, and matures, so does our focus on making sure we have talented individuals on board with us to deliver reliable water solutions. As new employees join the Evoqua team, we will provide them with the coaching, development, and career opportunities that support their career goals, recognize and reward outstanding performance, and enable innovative, customer-focused thinking.

What does it take to be part of the Evoqua team?

ANTHONY WEBSTER: At Evoqua, everything we do is with integrity; it’s a driving force behind our actions and decisions. We believe in holding each other accountable for doing what’s right, what’s needed, and what’s expected. Through a sense of stewardship and a commitment to building honest, trusted connections with each other and with our customers, we are working hard to be the world’s first choice for water solutions.

We are results-driven and passionate about enriching the lives of the millions of people who rely on us. So we are looking for action-oriented individuals who are motivated to bring innovative ideas to the table and who are committed to delivering quality results. We hire people for careers, not jobs, and we invest in our team through on-the-job experiences, training opportunities, certification programs, and career development plans. From day one through the course of your career at Evoqua, you will challenge yourself and empower others to make a difference in the water industry and the world.

How important is teamwork at Evoqua?

ANTHONY WEBSTER: Collaboration is a significant component of our Evoqua team. And to us, that means having the courage to both lead and follow. We believe that inclusive teamwork fosters innovation and inspires us to produce quality results faster and more efficiently. Evoqua is also a place where intelligent, competitive individuals have a chance to create their own success, and teamwork is the foundation of this success.

How do you find qualified people for the team?

ANTHONY WEBSTER: Part of the challenge is within ourselves and targeting people who already have the skills we’re looking for. One of our key areas where we’ll be focusing is a concerted effort to hire the men and women who have dedicated their time serving in the armed forces. We think the skills and discipline garnered through their service make veterans a great match for our team. In fact, we are honored to already have numerous veterans in our company from service technicians to senior management.

At Evoqua, we understand that veterans have the unique experiences and intricate training needed to solve complex tasks. This knowledge often translates into significant job skills and capabilities such as leadership, communication, planning, tactical execution, and teamwork. We recognize these exceptional skills and value the traits we see among veterans – like honor, dedication, accountability, and respect – are prized attributes of our employees. We welcome veterans to seek out employment opportunities with Evoqua, as we provide you with the support and working environment that enables you to not only utilize your talents but also expand your expertise.

What’s the best way to go about joining the team?

ANTHONY WEBSTER: First, I’d encourage people to visit our new Careers site at https://careers.evoqua.com/. The site will navigate you through the various career opportunities available, so you can find a career path that is the best fit for you.

Your success is our success, and we invite you to find it at Evoqua.