Retractable Covers Control Odors, Algae—Without Compromising Access

Aug. 15, 2017
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When Covering a Problem Makes Sense: Retractable Tank Covers

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) provides retractable, structurally supported cover systems for wastewater and water treatment plants worldwide. With over 30 years of experience delivering solutions for demanding water and wastewater applications, GTI has grown to become a global leader in cover and liner systems.

Engineered especially for municipalities, GTI’s structurally supported covers consist of a high-strength, retractable sheet of coated fabric tensioned across a low-profile aluminum arched frame that spans the tank opening. This design effectively controls odor and algae while still providing easy access for inspection and maintenance.

GTI’s structurally supported covers are designed to:

  • Control odors
  • Block sunlight to control algae growth
  • Reduce chlorine loss and disinfectant by-product production
  • Prevent rainwater and debris from entering tanks

GTI’s airtight structurally supported covers reliably capture odorous offgases, yet disconnect and retract easily. They are extremely durable, UV-protected, and resistant to vapors produced by wastewater treatment.

In potable water applications, GTI’s covers can lower operating costs by controlling algae, reducing chemical requirements, and the formation of disinfection by-products.

Our structurally supported covers are custom-designed to fit the unique design of each of our customers’ plants, and they support local code loads. The covers can be installed without disrupting plant operation and can yield capital and operating cost savings.

Cover options include:

  • Aluminum walkways to divide a large cover into independently retractable sections
  • Fabric hatches within the cover itself
  • Aluminum hatches located in the walkways
  • Guardrails for added safety

Learn more about GTI’s retractable tank covers in this video!

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