Water control system to monitor closure of New Orleans floodgates

Aug. 13, 2010
NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, Aug. 13, 2010 -- Royal Haskoning and partners will develop a module that allows the local flood protection authority in New Orleans to monitor the opening and closing of gates on all flood defences...

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, Aug. 13, 2010 -- With partners HKV Lijn in Water and Fugro, Royal Haskoning has won a new contract for water control structures in New Orleans. The project will develop a module that allows the local flood protection authority to monitor the opening and closing of gates on all flood defences. It is expected that the module contributes to a improved planning and coordination. The new system has to be operational for the peak of the hurricane season in September 2010.

The emergency management module will provide a rapid overview of gates that are open and closed. A map showing the location of the floodgates and table report can be automatically generated with the module. "It is extremely important to have an accurate overview of both open and closed gates," says project manager Ries Kluskens. "During hurricane Katrina in 2005, flooding in New Orleans was not only caused by breaches but also because floodgates were left open. These things can easily be prevented by having a proper and up to date overview which gates are open."

The project is being run by the local operator of water control structures, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East (SLFPAE). SLFPAE is responsible for closing and opening more than 200 floodgates. Depending on the type of emergency all these gates have to be closed within 24 hours. A huge job considering that they all have to be closed manually. The Emergency Module that we are going to develop will help improve the planning and coordination of closing and opening gates. Haskoning Inc. plans to have the emergency management module up and running before the peak of this year's hurricane season.

Earlier this year experts from Royal Haskoning, Fugro and HKV Lijn in Water together with representatives of Hoogheemraadschap Delfland have demonstrated a digital levee information management system for parts of the flood defense system around New Orleans. It showed the potential of having a digital information system assisting the local levee managers in their primary tasks. This pilot was sponsored by the 2g@there program.

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