reaches thousands facing water flow challenges

Dec. 15, 2005
700 visitors each month experience revolutionary ditch liner online...

PORTAGE, WI, Dec. 15, 2005 -- Hundreds who face erosion control, irrigation and stormwater runoff challenges are flocking to

" educates users about a completely new system to remedy water management problems that have existed for decades," said Tim Williams, vice president for Penda Corporation. "The Website allows users to experience SmartDitch and how it can be applied to fix water management problems like irrigation, erosion control and stormwater runoff."

The Website attracts more than 700 unique visitors each month, and approximately one-fifth return to check back for content updates, which are posted frequently. More than 13,000 pages have been loaded since its launch in May 2005.

Unique materials for visitors to the site include:
"Interactive video demonstrating installation and water flow "Technical sketches illustrating exact dimensions of SmartDitch "Information describing the application uses for SmartDitch "News updates, i.e. company press releases, recent articles "Unique photos/graphics that illustrate "before & after" installations of SmartDitch

SmartDitch, manufactured by Penda Corp., is a corrugated, plastic ditch-lining system designed to solve water runoff problems while dramatically reducing cost, lead time and complex installations. Long-term deterioration associated with traditional water management solutions such as concrete ditches and pipe are virtually eliminated.

Williams is available to comment on the success of, and photos/graphics of the Website can be made available upon request.

SmartDitch (, manufactured by Penda Corporation, is environmentally safe, nontoxic, completely recyclable and industry-certified for durability For more than 30 years, Penda has been recognized for its in-house thermoforming operations and dedication to quality manufacturing as demonstrated by its numerous quality awards from original equipment manufacturers. Penda is uniquely qualified to supply the market's changing demand for a wide range of world-class thermoformed plastics solutions.


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